10th National Assembly Speakership Race – Bètara Stands out Among Contenders Parliament Vendors 

– says :Betara is no.1, he no dey treat us like nobody but as human beings”
 Some National Assembly unsung  stakeholders have endorsed the ambition of Hon Muktar Aliyu Betara describing him as a lawmaker with heart of gold.
The Vendors,who are  Supplying Newspapers and Magazines  to National Assembly even though they do not have the right to vote ,they have decided to give moral support to their preferred candidate.
According to them, Hon Betara is a lover of ordinary man on the streets .’Betara is no.1, he no dey treat us like nobody but as human beings.
“… we fit be ordinary vendors o…But we are Nigerians, some of us don dey for this National Assembly since Salisu Buhari….
“We dey see different Honourables well well, we know the ones wey no dey greet us, wey no know if we dey here or not…
“We also know the ones that are good, dem dey  greet us, show us love, treat us like human beings when we go supply Newspapers and Magazines to NASS.
“Nah why we go wear his T-shirts because nah very good man….! E better pass anybody wey we no know!”

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