2023: Ajibulu Seeks Yoruba Unity On Tinubu’s Presidency Says Many Igbos Having Change of Mind 


Pro-democracy activist  and Leader of the SouthWest Professionals, Chief Segun Ajibulu has called for  Yoruba  unity and support for the candidacy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) ahead of the 2023 Presidential poll.
Ajibulu who was the guest speaker at the unity Conference organised by  the  Alliance For Yoruba Democratic Movement (AYDM) in Lagos hinted that  the only wise way to move the  Yoruba nation forward is to get Tinubu elected as president in 2023.

The Conference comprising over 120 Pan Yoruba groups, community based and civil society associations was with the themed; “2023: Presidential Election; which way forward for Yoruba nation?”

Ajibulu, a US based tax expert disclosed that many people who oppose the presidential bid of the former Lagos State governor did so” ignorantly ” .
With a particular reference ,Ajibulu explained that many of his Igbo friends who had opposed Tinubu’s Presidency have now changed their mind  as they obtained credible information about his antecedents.
He said ” I was in the United States of America (USA) two weeks ago and I was talking with an Igbo friend who confided in me that he never knew Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu (BAT) was so nice .The man said all he had been hearing about Tinubu before now is negative stories. And he just laid his hands on some documents on Tinubu ,how he was able to transform Lagos ,build human capacity, develop talents and  build bridges across the nation. The Igboman went ahead to tell me he would personally spread the Tinubu’s gospel to other colleagues who were ignorantly campaigning against him.
” So,this is what we are saying ,its not about political party per say but about pedigree. When you look at the political parties in Nigeria  they are almost thesame. You see a politician in party A today, if he or she couldn’t get the ticket, he or she moved to party B. So what are talking about .But when look at the credentials of those who have been put forward for the 2023 ,Asiwaju Tinubu leads the pack.
“We are coming out big and we shall spread the gospel to the book and crannies of this country.
“Tinubu’s achievements are verifiable and those contesting against him knew this much. ” Ajibulu said.
Citing his uniqueness, he said that Tinubu stands far above other contenders. “He is a very experienced politician. As a former Senator, activist and former governor of Lagos State, our nation need his sagacious nature and liberal mind to lead the country. He has also nurtured and empowered many who are doing well in governance today in the country,” Ajibulu said.

He noted that by taking a cursory look at Tinubu’s seven point agenda which comprise transitional leadership; technology advancement of the country; security; infrastructural development; home grown business development; education and other, that Tinubu is a strong card and surest bet to secure the Yoruba nations.

He however admonishes Yoruba nations to be focused and never pay heed to political propagandists whose comments are not to the best interest of the Yoruba nation.

In his remarks  the  AYDM General Secretary, Mr Popoola Ajayi described  the meeting as  the largest gathering of Pan Yoruba groups in recent times.
Popoola therefore  harped on strengthening brotherhood, cooperation and solidarity among the several community based groups in the South West territories.
“With the leaders of Yoruba associations in South East and Northern Nigeria, including those in Ivory Coast and in the West Coast who are here with us, we have agreed to solidly support APC Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu,” Popoola said.

The groups under the banner of All Yoruba Democratic Movements, (AYDM) are:- the Network for Yoruba Alliance, (NEYA); Oodua People’s Congress, (OPC New Era); Oodua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC); South West Professional Forum, (SOWROF); Agbekoya Solidarity; Oodua Peoples Congress, (OPC Reformed); South West Progressive Women Coalition; Ibile, South West Hunters Union; ANACOWA representing Okada rider unions in the South West; Itsekiri Progressive Youth Forum; Covenant Group, (CG); Nigerian Automobile Technicians Association, (NATA) representing mechanics in the South West; Oodua Association of Bricklayers; Oodua Nationalist Congress, (ONAC) Egbe Majemu Titun; Association of the Physically Challenged in the South West; Traders and several artisan associations spread across the old Western Region including Edo and Delta States.

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