2023: Be Active In Politics; ,Showcase Your Capacity – Muslims Charged 

Muslims  have been admonished  to approach politics from the position of strength as they push for more space in leadership and government .
This was the trust of the Summit organized  by the  Ekiti State chapter National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations (NACOMYO)
The  Summit with theme- “ Ekiti Muslim Agenda Beyond a Short Term Basis” attracted Muslim scholars within and from across the country.
The summit encouraged Muslims to take active part in politics and showcase their God’s given talents and potentials rather than engaging in seasonal lamentations.
Stakehokders at the  Summit also  charged Muslims  to collect their Permanent Voter  Cards (PVC) and vote wisely  in the forthcoming general election.
The Islamic faithful  were  also tasked to seize the opportunity of the public holiday  declared on the 24th of January 2023 by the All progressives Congress APC  controlled states in the South West to collect the permanent voters card PVC “for diligent observance of their civic responsibilities”.
It underscored the importance of Education,urging Muslims  to give more priority to both Islamic and secular education so as  to be relevant in the scheme of things
Muslims also urged to take advantage of the interst -free  Islamic Banking and collaborate with government  at all levels  in the area of youth empowerment .
The chairman of the occasion  and former non executive Director of First Bank PLC,Alhaji Lateef Bakare said Muslims has been facing  persecutions from time immemorial.
Bakare  disclosed that it took the grace of God for him not to be forcefully converted to  christianity in his quest for western education.
He urged Muslims  to always  be ready to be good ambassadors of Islam by promote excellence honesty  and integrity.
In his address of welcome,NACOMYO  Coordinator ,Bro. Mudasiru Yusuf said  muslims are not but  endangered species in the scheme of things in the state.
The Muslim Youth Leader also decried the  long years marginalisation  of the adherents of Islamic faith ,calling on  progressive elements to rise for  for the cause of Islam in the state .
The state governor Biodun Oyebanji  who was represented by his special adviser on  investment ,trade and industry,Mrs Adeola Omotayo.appreciated Muslims’ support for his administration with the assurance and promise to work and deliver electioneering campaign.
The  keynote speaker and estwhile  National  Amir of the Muslims Students Society of Nigeria( MSS) ,Barrister Nurudeen Asunogie said “for too long ,Mudlims  have felt and acted like a foundling at the doorway of an orphanage, desperately foraging for attention and care”
” Today, indeed, is a most unique day as the Ekiti Muslims a condensed metaphor for the Muslims everywhere, art historic juncture. One that gives an intimation of the consigning of a lugubrious and lecrymose past into desuetude that speaks so eloquently of a readiness to exit the ocean of discomforting discombobulation, lamentations to the wharf of studious progressive engagement with reality There can be no better time than now for this introspection.
It is my belief that this submit, tagged Ekiti Muslims Agenda Beyond A Short Term Bass is an eloquent expression of the determination of the Exits Muslims to change the narrative bring about a reversal of the elements that had precipitated but untoward state of affairs
” The narrative has been that we have been mortified, traduced, viited, paupenzed, maligned and decimated over the ages in Ekiti state, for instance, the Muslims have been treated no better than ciphers Save for the penod of Chief Segun On, when we had a Muslim as his Deputy, the Muslims have never occupied any position of high visibility in the state. With the judgement of the Court which voided the process that brought Mr On to power, the office of the Deputy Governor, which a Muslim occupied, was rendered invalid.
“It is certainly loony to think that we can lament and cry our way to social political relevance. You can never absquatulate from your responsibilities, yet hope to get what comes from the discharge of the undone duties.
“When shall we begin to blaze? Is it not time that everyone of us who is not a cripple, not kidnapped by the edacious spirit. stands on its feet in defence of our right to dignity and dignified treatment from all and for all? am swamped with ululations of despondency, helplessness and powerlessness.
” Our nation is in a paroxysm of despondency, which gnaws at the very foundation and soul of our survival as a people. There has been the fiendish entombment of justice, equity and fairness in our affairs. We have been so suffocatingly parsimonious in the practice of justice, equity and fairness in our social political dealings. Whatever direction that we turn what confronts us are the stenches from the scenes of injustice, iniquities and shame. All that we see are men so diminutive in character. stopping at nothing, no matter how egregious, to gratify their flagitious proclivities
“We can no longer count that as making an era of departure from our barren situation Our adversaries, real or imaginary, have gloried over our miseries. But more harrowing than this seemingly ampish and morbifying treatment, is the fact that victimhood is a farce. We have played not just a catalytic role in the promotion and sustainance of our squalid state of affairs, but have indeed played a participatory role.
“We have found gusto in the dissipation of our lives in the promotion of very centrifugal issues at the expense of those that are centripetal We have allowed ourserves to be drowned in the raging tides of brazen emotions and sentiments. All that for too long, with the precipitation of the cofuscation of the reality of what ought to be done. Where did we hypothecate our self-esteem and honor, as an ummat for mortification?
“In your winter of political irrelevance, we must not get warmth from the blanket of insouciance. We must feel choked by the toxic air of our complacency and doltish resignation, our spirits should be dynamized and impregnated with the irresistible determination of torpedo our unedifying patrimony of the culture of endorsement of subjugation.
” Is our subjugation and barren treatment not self inflicted? How active have we been in the political landscape? What is our utilitarian value? For many of us religion and politics are diametrically opposed and at variance with each other. This speaks of a warped understanding of what religion is. How do we extract ourselves from the present sea of confusion and anarchical state of affairs. We can not do this when we regale in lamentations and unproductive polemics. We need to interrogate our thought process if we ever would precipitate any change in our untoward state of affairs. Let us get involved in critical thinking if we will get progressive reconstruction of our sordid state
“As Muslims, we are challenged to galvanize all progressive elements for the building of a sane society. We cannot afford to be supercilious and yet except to be treated with dignity.
“As Muslims, we must see the cosmic relevance of participation in governance. We need to be involved in the definition of true leadership. For we know as of truth that leadership cannot be atomistic. It must be marked by an aptitude to synthesize, rather than disintegrate.
The Guest Lecturer  Professor Abdul-Afeez Oladodun from the Department of Arabic and Islsmic Studies , University of Ibadan urged Muslims to shun complacency .
According to him parts of the Charter of Demands of Muslims in Yorubaland included the institutionalization of equity and justice in the appointment of people into positions by ensuring balancing in the two major religions in the Nigeria.
Also ensuring that in the appointment of Muslims into public offices,observe  due diligence to determine their true identities and religion persuasions.
The summit was attended by  Islamic scholars and eminent personalities within and outside the state among whom are the President-General of League of Imam and Alfa’s South-West, Edo & Delta State.Fadhilat sheik Alh. Jamiu Kewulere Bello,  the Secretary to the state government,SSG, Dr. Habibat Omolara Adubiaro , the Deputy Speaker,Ekiti State of Assembly,Rt Hon Akim Jamiu and Alhaji Lateef Bakare.

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