2023: Ex US President, Obama Tasks Nigerians On Violent-free poll 

Former President of the United States of America (USA) Barrack Obama  has urged Nigeria shun all forms of tendencies for violence before, during or after the 2023 General ,stressing that “Violence has no place in Democratic elections “
Obama ,in a short broadcast admonished Nigerians to play down ethnic and religion card and forge a common front ahead of the poll.
” Today, I was to speak directly to you  the people of Nigeria, Nigeria is a great nation and can be proud of the progress you have made .Together, you won your independence from military rule and strengthens your ddemocratic institutions.
“You strived to overcome the vision  into a source of strength. You improve the lives of your families and your economy to be largest in Africa .Now you have a unique opportunity to write the next chapter of the nations history  by voting in the upcoming  elections. For elections to be credible, it must be free ,fair and peaceful. All Nigerians  must be able to cast their votes without intimidation. I want to call on leaders to make it clear to their supporters that violence had no place in the democratic elections .”Obama reiterated.
The former US leader also tasked Nigerians to Unite inorder to defeat the various challenges weighing the country down.
With unity and credible poll,Obama said Nigeria could build on the progress made so far which makes the  her the biggest economy in Africa .
He also urged government to step up fight against terrorism and ensure that all her citizens in captivity of bandits and Bokoharam are freed.

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