2023 : God has not chosen anyone for Nigeria  yet – says Prophet Ologbonyo

The planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Boanerges Worldwide, Prophet Ade Ologbonyo has admonished that Nigerians  to intensify their  prayers ahead of the 2023 General elections inorder to chose a competent and God-fearing leader .
Speaking  at a service marking the end of the 10th edition of the mission’s annual 63-day fasting and prayer programme held in Ise Ekiti, Ekiti State., the clergy opined that God can use anyone to change  the sad commentary about Nigeria.
“Let’s pray for God’s will, He can use anybody even the feeble, we should not put our trust in man who can fail and disappoint. We should keep praying for peace and the will of God to prevail over Nigeria in the election”.
Ologbonyo, however, said Nigeria can still stand against all odds if power is decentralized and the constitution rejigged.
“Let Nigerians themselves work out the constitution that can work for them. Those agitating are doing so because the system is not working for them.
“When power is decentralized, Nigeria will be one of the best country. The Americans, British and others, know this, because, this is a very large market and the most populous black nation on earth with over 200 million people. There is a proposal that Nigeria will be among the top seven countries in the world. But people want to sell their power generator and so they will not allow our electricity to work”.
The spiritual truth is that among all the presidential candidates, God has not chosen anyone but some body must emerge and we need to pray that God will give us somebody who will stop all these, killings, kidnapping, banditry, terrorism in our land
“No good road, no light, our economy is not working the price of food, goods and services have gone skyrocketed. We should pray for God intervention. I have not seen anybody with right ideology to bring near perfection to the country.
He also suggested decentralization of power and constitution amendments and antidotes to the myriad of challenges confronting our nation.
Ologbonyo added that Nigeria  problems are not just internal saying some external forces working against our progress.
“Sometime ago, it was discovered that an helicopter was supplying the bandits weapons which means there is external factor to the insecurity.
“Some people who are taking advantage of the banditry, terrorism and kidnapping want to ensure that there is no end to it because they are making million of naira from it”.
He also  advised President Muhammadu Buhari to direct all state governors to use their security rightly by investing on technology to fight insecurity and instruct the National Assembly to work on the recommendations of the last national conference in the country for adoption.
“We need to employ the instrumentality of technology to fighting insecurity. We are just risking the lives of our security agents by sending them to the forest to fighting bandits without necessary technological backups.
“Drones should be procured to track the bandits to know their exact location and the DSS operatives should be on top of their game in terms of intelligence gathering”.
On the last Confab, “it is said to be a bit fair, going by reports of journalists. So, if President Buhari could not agree with Jonathan’s Confab, let him instruct members of the National Assembly to look into its recommendations and other things that will be of benefit to Nigerians after which the constitution is amended as Nigerian wants it”.
He said the programme was is a divine instruction from God since in 2012 that prayers be offered ahead of the year ahead and to avert calamity upon Nigeria between July 1 and September 1 of every year.
The man of God also expressed disappointed at the poor handling of security in Ekiti State.
“Now I am speaking for myself and not CAC. We have an highly intelligent person as governor but I am disappointed because in a small state like Ekiti, kidnapping is still rampant even in his home town.
“Along Isan-Ilejemeje road, people are being kidnapped and killed. I believe so much in the governor and I know he has the capacity to turn things around”.
Prophet Ologbonyo,  urged the governor-elect ,Biodun Oyebanji not to disappoint the people who voted for him in the election.
“I believe he will perform with his experience in academic and government, so he should be the best governor. He should not disappoint those who voted for him and young people looking up to him as role model.
“Much is being expected of him. Things he should be conscious of is the security, welfare of workers and the entire people of the state.
“Once you win election, you are not just a governor of APC, PDP but the governor of the state, so act as such”.

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