2023: Harness Youths’ Potentials For Good Governance- Media expert admonishes  govt 

The General Manager, Pensioners` 106.7,Agbarigo,Onireke,Ibadan,Dr. Babatunde Tiamiyu has urged Nigerian youths to explore their God-given talents in whatever space inorder to achieve excellence .
He argued that Good Governance can be achieved if youth inclusiveness is constructively prioritised according to United Nations recommendations and World Youth Alliance Declaration.
The Media professioner also  urged them not to allow the current economic realities to limit their potentials in achieving success in their various fields of endeavour.
In his presentation  at the 2022 National/Africa Youth Week Celebration, held at Jubilee Hall,Yejide Girls Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan,Dr Tiamiyu also sought more space for the youth in politics and governance.
In his Keynote  speech  entitled “Leveraging on Youths Demographics for Good Governance.”, the Media Executive hinted that youths formed a ,large chunk of the Nigeria’s  population.
“Recent studies have shown that Nigeria has the highest population of youths in the world. Scholars such as A. I Akinyemi and J.W. Mobolaji (2022) stated that the size and youthfulness of the population offer great potential to expand Nigeria’s capacity as the regional economic hub of Africa and globally.
“While this is achievable, the high demographics of youths, if not properly harnessed, can mar the progress of the nation, going by poor social structures and unimpressive human development index currently being experienced. As opinion leaders and technocrats have continued to stress how important it is for youths to be creative, remain focused and be resilient,  the present realities have posed strains on the creative development of the Nigerian youths for a better country.
” The belief that development issues and policy design can only be handled by elders, has deprived Nigerian youths from engaging in governance, and underestimated the potential of Nigerian youths for so many years. Government functionaries at all levels of power have failed in acknowledging the powers of the youths and this has led to mass protests and unwanton destruction of lives, properties and public infrastructure. An example that readily comes to mind is the 2020 End SARS protest which saw the massive mobilisation of youths across Nigeria”  Tiamiyu  said .
The Keynote speaker ,therefore submitted that until the youths show more  commitment and belief in the Nigerian project and work towards making it viable, the nation of their dreams might not be achieved.
According to him “when these and other measures are put in place, the bright potential of Nigerian youths will be properly harnessed for good governance. Also, for us to achieve the Nigeria of our dreams, it is expedient for Nigerian youths to truly believe in Nigeria and work towards making the country viable for everyone.
“The  Nigerian youths’ capacity  is  not  limited to the physical space.  The online world, occasioned by easy access to the Internet had empowered the youths and given then the voice they had longed for through trend engagements, hashtags and information sharing and distribution.  These engagements have translated to activism to champion good governance, especially as the country is brazing for the 2023 General Election.
” Good Governance can be achieved if youth inclusiveness is constructively prioritised according to United Nations recommendations and World Youth Alliance Declaration. Every young person has the responsibility to build a free and just society, founded upon the dignity of the human person which is the foundation of every human right. These responsibilities include but not limited to working towards contributing to common good of every member of the society which rises from a person’s free and deliberate choice to pursue something beyond himself both for his own benefit and for the benefit of the larger society.
I”t is fitting to note that the responsibility of every person at all levels of society to work on solidarity for the protection of human dignity, is the basis of good governance.  Good Governance entails the just use of power to create conditions for unity and trust and to inspire in the governed, the desire to contribute to the common good. Also, good governance includes the rule of law, transparency and accountability, as well as free expression and participation.
Therefore, if Nigeria wants to leverage on youths’ demographics for good governance, it is recommended that the  Nigerian government should TRULY recognise the fact that youths account for a major chunk of the country’s population,
Similarly, Dr Tiamiyu said  concerted efforts should be made towards the provision of sustainable infrastructure that will aid the development of the youth’s potential in the country. This includes: Overhauling the country’s education system; creation of job opportunities and ensuring a business-friendly environment for youths to creatively deploy their skills towards building sustainable businesses that will compete favourably with other businesses across the globe.
In addition to this ,free and fair active participation of youths in politics should be encouraged such that a level playing field would be provided for everyone to participate in politics without any fears of discrimination and intimidation.

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