2023 :  Makinde,Olujimi’s Performances Will Swing Votes For PDP  In Oyo,Ekiti – Atofarati 

Chief Sanya Atofarati  is the  Zonal Publicity Secretary ( SouthWest) of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP).In this interview  with Globalhotlinenews, he spoke about the internal crisis in the party at the national level and efforts bring made to resolve it .Atofarati also said the impressive performances of governor Seyi Makinde and Senator Abiodun Olujimi in Oyo and Ekiti respectively will  swing votes for PDP in 2023. Excerpts
– Your party had abysmal performance in the last Governorship election in Ekiti .What do you think was responsible?
Ans: Unresolved differences culminating from the Governorship primary which led to some members defecting to other political parties in pursuit of ambition as against the common interest of the PDP.
With the way things, it seems your party has not learnt any lesson from the defeat because we still havedhsrp divisions in the party?
I disagree. Ekiti PDP today is firmly undivided under the leadership of the Acting Chairman, Lanre Omolase. And if you’re talking about the case in court, it is only seeking  judicial clarification to the process of adoption of a substantive Chairman without defiance to any section of the law.
What are the efforts put in place to unite the party, first in Ekiti,SouthWest and National ?
The South-West PDP Presidential Campaign Coordinator, His Excellency, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola is an experienced politician and competent hand who is currently doing a lot to strengthen the party for future elections beyond South-West.
 Governor Seyi Makinde  recently said he will support a Southern Presidential candidate.Dont you think this may affect the chances of your party in the 2023 elections. ?
 I don’t share that knowledge. Gov Seyi Makinde is the PDP leader in the South-West region and as such reserves the responsibility to ensure victory for his party’s Presidential candidate regardless of region, religion or ethnicity and this he has continued to express, hence, the demand for Ayu’s resignation to pave way for equitable representation in party positions has got nothing to do with our cohesion as party to deliver Atiku/Okowa victory in 2023. Or, don’t you think it will amount to political masturbation for anyone to believe either APC or Labour Party will win Oyo state in 2023?.
-Like what played out in the 2019 elections in Ekiti,governor Ayo Fayose  has again rose against the candidature of Senator Abiodun Olujimi,calling on his supporters to reject her st the poll.Whst is the implication of this?
I won’t deny the knowledge that there were disagreements between the duo of Former Gov Ayo Fayose and Senator Biodun Olujimi ahead of the 2019 NASS election in Ekiti but has long been resolved. I refer to the Independent Newspaper publication on 11th December 2019 where Fayose’s apology to Olujimi was reported and The PUNCH newspaper publication of 23rd December 2019, where it was reported that Olujimi accepted Fayose’s apology.  I know, these leaders maintain smooth relationships, only a handful overzealous followers are instigating otherwise. I can only appeal to members to purge themselves of  acts capable of bringing the noble party to disrepute.
How  far has the PDP gone in bringing former members who had joined the SDP back to its fold ?
 They are largely back, even beyond the SDP, others have also returned to PDP and they have been adequately integrated. It is on this note I can assure you that, with the level of cohesion in Ekiti today, PDP will win any election.
What is going to be the selling point of the PDP in State and National Assembly elections in Ekiti?
 Leadership by example: the abysmal performance of the immediate past Gov Fayemi is evident that APC has nothing to offer. Can you compare Fayose’s PDP Government with the Fayemi’s APC in terms of performance as it affects Education, Health Care delivery, Infrastructure etc? For example, Many people don’t even know there are three senators elected from Ekiti State apart from Senator  Biodun of the PDP due to her oustanding performance because the other two Senators of the APC are not visible in terms of Bills sponsorship, grassroots empowerment and development.
-Would you say the national leadership of your party is handling the crisis with five aggrieved governors led by Wike well .?
Yes it is being handled well. Reconciliation is a process and luckily the Wike group have not foreclosed possible Reconciliation. This is the beauty of democracy as it affords free ventilation of ideas or opinions.
– What is the chance of Senator Olujimi  in the forthcoming poll .?
We are optimistic Senator Biodun Olujimi will deliver not less than 70 percent of the total votes in South Senatorial District to PDP. The electorates are more enlightened now and her performance in the last years will naturally earn the victory.

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