2023: Oil Exploration, a  Boost to Tinubu”s Chances in North, Says Group

The  National Unity Movement for Bola Ahmed Tinubu (NUMBAT)
,drumming support for the presidential aspiration of the All Progressives Congress Presidential hopeful, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said the breakthrough recorded in oil exploration in the Northern Nigeria will bolster the chances of the ruling party in 2023.
NUMBAT posited  that the ingenuity and outstanding initiative of President Muhammadu Buhari in detecting oil field in Bauchi/Gombe axis of North Eastern State, attested to the lucid fact that the APC stands as the real and committed friend of the Northerners.
The group’s Director  General, Hon Bamidele Faparusi , who said this in Ado Ekiti, on Thursday, said oil exploration in the Northern Nigeria will help in shapening the economy of the area and will automatically translate to votes for APC in 2023.
Faparusi knocked the People’s Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, who hails  from Adamawa in the Northeastern Nigeria for not deeming it fit to expand the economy of the area as the Vice President to President Olusegun Obasanjo.
The former House of Representatives member applauded President Buhari for his commitment to nation-building, by being equitable in the distribution of public utilities across the states.
The former Ekiti State Public Utilities Commissioner, said the litany of complementary statements ascribed to Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike about President Buhari’s personality and government, substantiated the President’s altruistic mission to build a country that is egalitarian and economically buoyant.
Faparusi appealed to the Northern voters to reciprocate the gesture as they have been displaying for Buhari in every election.
The ex-federal Parliamentarian, said; “With the kicking off of oil exploration in Northern part of the country under the administration of President Buhari, then the PDP should be looking up to a bad moment  on election day.
“Even when President Buhari didn’t accomplish a great task like this, the Northerners have always perceived APC as a darling party. They voted for him in 2011 and did same in 2015. So, this lofty achievement will shore up our votes for  Bola Tinubu in the North.
“With this unexpected accomplishment of the APC-led government, it is certain that President Buhari will quit the government in blaze of glory and leave the seat for Bola Tinubu to continue where he stopped .
“The PDP ruled the country for 16 unbroken years, but they were not sensible and cerebral enough to think of how to upgrade the economy of the Northern people, by making the right investment in oil sector in the area.
“But we now have a government that is compassionate and which thinks of how to make every section of the country develops . I am confident that the Northern voters won’t reject the APC that has achieved this and embrace the PDP that left them in squalor and slum for 16 years.
“This really stands Tinubu and APC in good stead and worth being celebrated by the ruling party”.

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