2023: My Place In History My Priority; Not Political Ambition- Bimbo Daramola 

The Social Democratic Party(SDP) candidate for the Ekiti North Federal Constituency One,Hon Bimbo Daramola (alias congressman) has said that his desire was to have a good place in history stressing that ” Place in history is more important than any political ambition “
The former member of the National Assembly who represented Oye/Ikole  Federal Constituency between 2011-2014  also clarified that, even though he was not claiming to be the best, his track records of achievements and verifiable testimonies from beneficiaries  had defined his personality.
The ex Federal Lawmaker also  disclosed that  he was not expecting mundane  rewards or recognition  for whatever goodness  he was able to do in his personal capacity as well as  in and out of the office .
Daramola, in his statement  entitled : When Purpose Is Found; Actions Are Consistent” said ” Whatever God has enabled me to do fits and finds expression in my purpose, for which I dont expect any applause,recognition or appreciation ,because it’s in my purpose .If any comes along the line I return to the enabler “
Daramola, the initiator of the Nigerian Skits Industry Awards and Festivals ,who  had been receiving accolades and testimonies from beneficiaries of his numerous Empowerment and Benevolence, since he declared his intention to return to the Green Chamber added that ” I simply run my race keeping to my lane.But the milestones that I have crossed, that is ,my track records, will not hesitate to say,because therein rests my story “.
The convener of the OneUnitedAfrica initiative explained he had  tried to  relive  some of his achievements and  social interventions  in recent past nit to score cheap political goals but to set the records straight for prosperity, and to prevent revisionists from twisting facts.
” I have a duty to put my side of my story out and leave the judgment to posterity and God before whom I will stand one day to give account .Until then ,I am just that guy next door .I simply in my little corner giving expression  to what is in my heart for my people and humanity. If that is wrong I plead guilty. My place in history is more important than my political ambition .I certainly know that I have my foibles and shortcomings but in my heart I carry goodwill to all. My love is what leads ” Daramola said.

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