By Ibn Alimi
Bourdillion is like a Mecca: many poor people throng the home of Bola Tinubu to seek for one help or the other, many of whom came to seek financial help.
They say they found Bullion van in the home of Tinubu. But this picture is clear. You can as well see the poor masses who gathered at the gate to be blessed by the great leader with the contents of the bullion van. Look at so many of them, the poor masses at the gate.They came seeking for help.
When God has blessed you like Bola Tinubu, and you have so many people knocking at your gate for financial aids. Assuming you have a thousand people and you wished to give each of them N100,000 each, that amount to 100Miliion. The amount grows as the number of people increases. You could not but call your bank to withdraw the money, which would definitely be brought in bullion van. So, what is the fuss?
Some people may say it happened on the eve of an election, but ask them if Bola Tinubu was a candidate in the election, the answer is no; and that is an indication that those who chose that particular day to take the snapshot cannot be cured of their hatred. When you have a sinister motive, you decide a day like that to take your photograph, but the fact remains that helping the needy and other people seeking various financial helps has been a norm in bourdillion.
Although you love to blame him for almost everything in the country, including mostly what he knows nothing about and has no control over, Tinubu is not the president yet and has been out of political office for 15 years. He still remains an ordinary citizen even now. He was just doing his own to help the poor. You don’t want to blame him for that?
If we don’t want to have a leader who helps the poor with his money, going for a stingy man of Anambra who couldn’t even bless the church with his money will be dangerous. Extremely dangerous!
~ Fattykolly Ibn Alimi

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