62nd Independence Anniversary : Nigerians Urged To Embrace Culture of Safety – OSHAssociation  Regional President 

The Nigeria Regional President of OSHAssociation UK and Atayero  of Aramoko-Ekiti ,Ambassador (Dr) Olusegun Aderemi  (FIMC, FIMS(UK)FOSHA) has congratulated Nigerians on the occasion of the nation’s 62nd Independence Anniversary..
Dr Aderemi  in his Independence  message said  Nigerians have every cause to celebrate the independence in joy ,love and togetherness.
He stated that the concrete efforts made by the   past leaders in ensuring political stability cannot be emphasized ,he urged the people on unity  to complement the solid foundation said to have been laid by the Nigerian heroes.
Aderemi tasked  private organizations in the country to prioritize  welfare of  their workers, just as he commended the Head of Service of the Federation for picking interest in  improving working condition, urged private employers to emulate such.
The statement reads “It gives me great joy to see how far we have come as a nation . This day not only marks the  independence of our country ,but also shows us how much our country has developed since the day it got its independence.
“Our country’s success is not only because of its progress in the world of human capital  capacity, sport, and entertainment but also because of the unity and harmony among the people. I believe I am speaking for everyone when I say that each one of us has a feeling of  love and respect for this country.
“We can celebrate this day with love and with a sense of joy only because our past leaders and heroes   have paid the price to ensure the stability we currently enjoy .This day is a perfect time for us to reflect on the progress our nation has made particularly in ensuring that fatalities  ,accidents and incidents in the country especially in our workplaces are stunted to the barest minimum.
“While the OSHAssociation commends the Federal Government through the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation for picking interest in improving the welfare of Nigeria workers , we also call on the private sector to key into this movement of safety revamp as this will bring about eradication to fatalities and incident in our workplaces.
“Fellow Nigerians ,as we celebrate our 62nd Independence anniversary ,I will want us to always remember that safety is not just a day affair but a lifestyle we should live and abide by constantly ,I urge us all to always work for the unity and growth of our motherland ,I wish you and your family a pleasant independence day.”
Occupational Safety and Health Association (known as OSHAssociation) is an independent professional Association, with international membership and regional chapters worldwide.
Its dedicated to ensuring occupational safety & health in land, sea, air and the general environment.

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