Ex Ekiti First Lady ,Bisi Fayemi Writes CP Over Alleged Cyber Bullying

(Topmost Chambers)
Legal Practitioner, Property & Corporate Consultants
No 147, Ajilosun Street, Ado/Ikere Road, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State
t: 08105948808, 08037282786
Date: 14th November, 2022
The Commissioner of Police,
Nigerian Police Force,
Ekiti State Command,
Ado – Ekiti,
Ekiti State.
ATTENTION: OC, Rapid Response Squad (RRS)
1. We act as Solicitors for Her Excellency, Erelu Bisi Fayemi (hereinafter called “Our Client”) and we have our Client’s instruction to write this petition.
2. Our Client is a law abiding citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria seeking the protection of the Nigeria Police Force against incessant and unabated criminal character assassination by the above named culprit Mrs Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi with GSM Nos. 08035538673; 08145447153.
3. Our Client informed us that the above named person has continuously and intentionally posted criminal and malicious, false and offensive messages on social media platforms particularly on her Facebook account for the purpose of causing annoyance,   inconvenience, danger, obstruction,   insult,   injury,   criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred, ill will or needless anxiety against our Client’s person.
4. Our Client further informed us that the deliberate criminal acts of tarnishing and causing annoyance, inconvenience danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred, ill will or needless anxiety against her person by the Culprit has misled the general public to doubt her integrity and character subjecting her to an unwarranted public ridicule, odium, opprobrium, embarrassment, and unprecedented disrepute.
5. Our Client has always cherished her odyssey and track records as a global social crusader and a strong advocate for women and children, former First Lady of Ekiti State and a globally respected voice on gender equality and women’s empowerment. Unfortunately, the culprit mentioned above has jeopardized and adversely affected this image by her unabated criminal act and unwarranted character assassination of our Client’s person.
6. Our Client also informed us that the acts of this culprit was done in contravention of Section 24 of CYBERCRIMES (PROHIBITION, PREVENTION, ETC) ACT, 2015. The instances below are set out by Our Client as part of the infractions and infringements noted against her person:
5. On 14th November, 2022 on the Culprit ‘Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi’ (see Annexure A) Facebook Account News Feed, she wrote:
“NGbengaObanise NDemolaObanise’s brother, do sexually abuse ladies with disabilities, did you ever hear Bisi, attempted to prosecute him?
Same goes to Demola, sexually harassing the ladies that does the Platinum cleaning and Bisi would pretend she didn’t hear.
If it was someone she needed to politically witch-hunt, the person would be behind bars now.
I rarely check message requests, I was prompted to do, yesterday and the amount of information amazed me.
They even said I should tell NEreluHellfire that the only reason they haven’t started stoning her is because they are looking at the faces of Oga Kayode and BAO, but that she shouldn’t continue to push her luck too far. They said if her overbearing wahala and excesses continues in Ekiti, she will have herself to blame. Mo wiire o, abi mi o wire?
………………… “Crime is in their blood” Chief of sex offenders, Prison lo maa welcome yin, not Ekiti government house. If BAO is covering your fraud, he can not cover your ‘sexual abuse’ because when I get all the evidence, I’ll trend the story so widely that Madam “Loud Whispers” will be ashamed of herself; falsely fighting and protecting girl’s right, but shielding her family members, from the Law!
With the help of Demola and backing of Bisi, the suppressed the voices of the victims. No be only una dey Ekiti, allow others to breathe.” See Annexure B
6. On 12th November, 2022 on the Culprit ‘Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi’ Facebook Account News Feed, she posted the picture of our Client with her husband and wrote:
“Husbands will sit at the edge, wife will sit to their left but Bisi, is always the husband, not even ashamed to display it publicly, hedging her ‘husband’ to sit on her left!
Infact, o toju sunmi….Abi no be the husband suppose seat next to Sanwo?
This happened at the burial ceremony of late Speaker yesterday, I thought it wasn’t intentional, now I can see she’s trying to mess up Oga Kay, as no be only Bimbo, go notice this absurdity! The other governors didn’t even take their wives.
A power-drunk obtruder
What the hell is this???” See Annexure C
7. On 11th November, 2022 on the Culprit ‘Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi’ Facebook Account News Feed, she wrote:
“***Bisi Fayemi, was arrested in Dubai, in 2018, for laundering the sum of N500million few weeks after the inauguration of her husband.
In her characteristic greedy nature, she applied to the State government for the sum of N500million to buy light and other decorative fittings, for Oke-Ayoba.
…Cutting a long story short, she took the money to Dubai, to launder it and subsequently, she was arrested. The State paid another N500million to certain agencies (name withheld) to get her released and upon her release, she demanded for another N160million to clear the non existent lights, she bought in Dubai.
Meaning, just few weeks after inauguration, Bisi singlehandedly stole N710million, from the State coffers, at a time, the indigenes of the State can barely feed themselves.
In another newa, a sum of N100million is released for the running of the government house monthly, Bisi, in connivance with the Commissioner for Finance, gets N65million from the N100million, before Oga Kayode will even knows what’s up!
Her travelling allowance was N5million whenever she decided to step out of the State, excluding daily allowance to her aides which was N65k per night. She would claim this money and the aides no go see shishi o!
Another N20million monthly, was claimed, for God knows what.
Taking any contract from SUBEB, you must deposit certain percentage of the contract sum to our greedy wife or you would be frustrated on the job, until you abandon it and they reward it to someone who will cooperate with them.
What am I saying? Upon investigation, Bisi is richer than Ekiti State, even richer than Oga Kay, and the reason she fostered someone who will cover her tracks is to avoid spending the rest of her life behind bar!
Well, Ekiti have been so unfortunate, but must we allow this unfettered access to the state coffers to continue as she schemes and plant her cronies everywhere in the government?” See Annexure D
8. Our Client further informed us that as a result of the above and several other malicious, provocative, myopic, untrue, and ungodly reckless postings of this culprit against her person, she has been inundated with various calls from family and friends who are disappointed that she could soil her hands and regards her as a woman of injustice and a fraudulent person who siphoned public fund at the detriment of the people of Nigeria particularly Ekiti State citizens.
9. Our Client further informed us that the said malicious post was read and viewed on her mobile phone and her Apple I-pad particularly. That most of her friends in and around Ekiti and other states in Nigeria and even outside the country have had reason(s) to point her attention to this mindless posts of the culprit against her person.
10. Our Client informed us that the Culprit, Mrs Abimbola Olajumoke Olawumi with GSM Nos. 08035538673; 08145447153 resides in Ekiti State.
11. In the light of the above, we have Our Clients’ clear instruction to make a clarion call to the Commissioner of Police, Ekiti State Command to use his good office to bring this culprit to justice by investigating her infractions, infringements and invasion of our Client’s privacy and save her and the society at large from the Culprit nefarious, criminal, malicious and calculated mischievous posts.
Please, accept the highest regards of our best wishes.
Yours faithfully,

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