7million Uncollected PVCs : Nigerian Youths Not Showing Enough Commitment To Deepen Democracy – JOGO 

A Civil Society Organization(CSO),Journalists For Open Government (JOGO)  has observed that the huge number of uncollected Permanent Voters Cards(PVCs) across  states in Nigeria with less than six weeks to the  2023 General Election was an indictment on the part of the youths.

The founder and Executive Director JOGO, Comrade Yaqoub POPOOLA  ,in a release on Sunday said for  the youths who are craving for more space in  politics and leadership, they ought to have led advocacy on citizens awareness.
Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) hinted that about 7million uncollected PVCs are still in its custody.
In the words of late Martin Luther King Jr.” Democracy transformed from thin paper to thick action is the greatest form of government on earth.” JOGO therefore tasked  the Nigerian youths to use the power of the social media to increase sensitisation.
” It is very sad that Nigerian youths often discuss  politicians issues  more than their civic responsibility.If the youths deployed same energy as one they use in marketing their preferred  candidates, Nigeria would have been a better place for all by now. It is high time issues concerning governance and election  dominated discussions among the youths.
“It will not be out place for the various youths  organisations to organise  workshops and rallies to sensitize the prospective voters  on the subject matter .
” 2023 offers another  golden opportunity  for the youths to change the narrative of the long years of political marginalisation and leadership neglect. This can only be made possible through the ballot.I want to appeal to the youths to ensure that the discussions on social media centre around  2023 poll and the need to take informed decision.
” Let it be known that whoever  fails to participate  or exercise his or her franchise in the coming election lacks both moral and legal right to criticize the government for any wrong doing.This election deserves our attention and commitment more than ever before .If Democracy is about the voice of the majority,then the youths must a say ” the statement reads in part .
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said that about 7milion PVCs are yet to be claimed.
The good news is that the electoral umpire has extended the timeframe for collection of  PVCs across the country by eight days.
The exercise which supposed to end on  Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 has been extended till  Sunday, January 29th, 2023.
JOGO is a  coalition  of journalists with special interest in Open Government Reporting .The founder is a seasoned journalist / Media Consultant, with about three decades experience in active Journalism.Popoola  takes special interest in Good Governance and Gender issues.
The platform promotes anti-corruption through citizens’ participation in government and Free Press. Priorities also  include  protecting reporters’  rights and deepening their knowledge in Open Contracting/ Public Procurement.
Comrade Yaqoub POPOOLA
Founder / Executive Director ,JOGO

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