By Barr. Tajudeen Olutope Ahmed (the Aare Baamofi of Ipele Kingdom)

The titular head and the traditional ruler of Ipele Kingdom, HRM, Kabiyesi, Alayeluwa, Oba Victor Olusegun Aganun JP, Iredokun 1, the Olupele of Ipele was reported to have joined his forebears on the 25th April, 2023.

I received the news with great shock. It was a most unpleasant tiding of the moment. The Kabiyesi is just a year old as an Oba of the ancient town. I had wish he lived longer on the throne so as for him to continue his transformative roles in the ancient town.

However, as a lawyer and confidant of the Kabiyesi; I know that he was never a coward. He was a very courageous man who was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for Ipele kingdom. He never feared death. He believe, it will come at its appointed time. Going by the principle of Oba Aganun, I believe, his time has come and that the impressive race is over!

Oba Olusegun Aganun was a rare monarch. He was highly forthright, straight forward, objective, progressive minded and philanthropic. I know him for several years before ascending the throne. He remained his original self even after ascending the exalted throne of Olupele of Ipele.

He loved his people. He wanted the best for them. He was highly passionate about Ipele. His promise and dream of catapulting Ipele to stardom manifested within the short time of his reign. Apart from attracting Government presence to Ipele, he succeeded at seeing to the elevation of the stool of Olupele to a first class Oba. This is perhaps his greatest legacy during his short reign.

As a chief of Ipele since 2011 (I was installed as the Baamofin of Ipele by his predecessor, Oba Olu Alade in 2011), I see myself as a stakeholder in Ipele by any standard. In a bid to catalyse my commitment to the town, Oba Olusegun Aganun decided to upgrade my chieftaincy title to Aare Baamofi of Ipele on 1st September 2022.

I was pretty close to the Oba and I know him as one of the greatest gift of God to humanity. He was a monarch with extra ordinary passion, zeal and commitment to the development of his people and community. Oba Aganun will be sorely missed by all and sundry. He was an enigma of sort. He was a forthright leader per excellence. Adieu Kabiyesi and farewell thee as you transit to eternity. May your noble and royal soul rest blissfully in the Lord.

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