The Saki Parapọ, the Umbrella Association of all Socio cultural Organisations of all Saki Indigenes at Home and in Diaspora condemned in all totality the misbehaviour and MADNESS displayed by Obasanjọ towards the Culture and traditions of Yorubaland on Friday, 15th., September, 2023.

His speech during the ceremony of Road Commissioning and that of Ladoke Akintọla University of Technology, Isẹyin, Oke Ogun Campus is to the best a misplacement of hostility and anger towards an unseen enemy of Obj.

Our Traditional Rulers deserve a better respect than they were given on that fateful day. Ọbasanjọ has been on record as number one “Hater” of Yoruba right from his accident of birth. We read that he was denied of Owu title because of his birth record. He denied Chief Awolọwọ the Presidency of Nigeria in 1979 through his unguided statement that: „The best candidate may not win election”.

We also remind him of his hatred for Chief MKO Abiọla when he said that ” MKO was not the Messiah Nigeria expected.”

Just of recent, he displayed his hatred again for our own Tinubu. He never supported him, but God fought for Tinubu to become the President of Nigeria.

On all the aboves amongst others, Obasanjo becomes an over rated hero who thinks of himself as the best of which he is not. He thinks nobody matters as long as he is around. Let him remember that whoever that says there is no one like him is mad (Baba were, eni to gbon to so pe eni kan ko gbon…).

So, Saki Parapo Association condemns totally his desecration of our Obas and Traditional Rulers on 15th., September, 2023 at Iseyin. He must personally apologize if his personality will be given any further respect.

However, the whole Oke Ogun region appreciates our God Sent Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde for ALL the modern projects on Agriculture, Education, Health and other Socio economic developments in Oke Ogun and Oyo State in general. The Governor is encouraged not to waste his thoughts on deliberate error, which he didn’t ask the former President to commit, but be weary of the caliber of people he will be inviting to memorable occasions such as the one on 15th. September, 2023.

Finally, we call on Obasanjo to repent by withdrawing his ego boosting expression, “E dide, E joko” and beg for forgiveness not only from the Obas but the entire Yoruba Customs, Culture and World acclaimed traditions because “Omode to bu Iroko, o wa nb’oju w’ehin, Oluwere ko nii ja l’oojo o”.


Saki Parapo Association

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