Abba Moro Bags OSHAssociation –  UK Fellowship ,Supports Passage of Occupation,Safety Bill in Nigeria 

Former Minister of Interior, Senator Abba Moro has reiterated his commitment to support all efforts geared towards promoting occupational safety and health in both public and private organisations  in Nigeria.
 He stated that the rate of fatalities and injuries resulting from industrial operations is so alarming, especially in Nigeria, due to lack of adequate laws and sanctions from the government.
Senator Moro gave this commitment after he was conferred with the Fellow of Occupational Safety and Health Association United Kingdom (OSHAssociation) held at Excel London.
He promised the Association to be a committed Fellow of the Association, following his background as a former Minister of Interior in charge of Federal Fire Service and other agencies in Nigeria, he knows the important of ensuring proactive safety culture and he is very happy with the strong Advocacy OSHAssociation is driving in Nigeria and across the world, that for sure the rate of incidents occurrences in the region will be a history.
He further urged Nigerians to embrace safety strategies in line with the best global practices in their various operations and gain the skills and safety knowledge in operating their daily activities.
Specifically, Moro promised to coalesce his colleagues’ supports  in the 10th National Assembly  for the  passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Bill into law; that will be part of the major achievement to move the country forward.
The ex Minister  further appreciated the Head of Service of the Federation for ensuring MDAs joins the moves to ensure the wellbeing of Nigerian workers by integrating OSH Desk Officers that will oversee the affairs of safety matters in the government establishments.
Moro the former Minister of Interior thanked OSHAssociation management for their commitment in Nigeria as a country, making sure that safety advocacy and knowledge gets to all corners of the country.  According to him, the passages of the OSH bill into law would promoting national development and add more force to what OSHAssociation is already doing in the country.

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