Akeredolu’s Wife Fights Dirty With Husband’s Female Aide 


-Dont kill my husband for me – she declares

As friends and relatives continued to pray for Ondo State governor Rotimi Akeredolu  to get well soon over an undisclosed illness, his wife and First Lady of Ondo State  Betty had picked fight with one of the governors aides ,Mrs Bunmi Ademosu
The governor’s wife ,in a viral audio message accused Mrs Ademosu of being behind his husband’s sickness.
Mrs Akeredolu In an audio tape warned Mrs Bunmi to stay clear  of the governor and  desist from giving   concotions to him.

“I have a message for Ademosu. I don’t have her number, and I don’t think she is worthy of me having her number.

“I want this woman to stay away from my husband. Stop sneaking in concotion .

According to her, they are from her pastors, her fake pastors to give my husband to drink. We rely on medical care, we rely on western style of medical care and Aketi will get well.”

She condemned Bunmi’s aspirations to become Deputy Governor which according to her is an evil thing to do.

In her words, “what has triggered this very message is her recent meetings to become the Deputy Governor of Ondo State.”

“Look at you, what have you got upstairs to be the Deputy Governor of Ondo State? Yeah, par adventure anything happens to Aketi, Lucky takes over, it is a constitutional thing. But for you to be scheming, is evil.”

“I told Aketi from the onset that this woman is evil, this woman is no good and it is happening. She has nothing good for you. I warned you. This woman is bloody evil. But I am warning her for the very last time to stay away from my husband. And look, you’re dealing with an Igbo woman in this kind of situation, I will deal with you mercilessly, you will never forget in your life.” She added.

“For the very last time Ademosu or whatever you call yourself, stay away from Aketi, stay away from sneaking in those concotions. Stay away this woman. You won’t find it funny with me oh, you are a very terrible human being. Go away.”

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