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On several occasions, I have had the opportunity to listen to the former Vice President; Atiku Abubakar, in close quarters, I see in him a man who is so inexorably passionate to put the country on the right pedestal, both politically and economically. He is magnificently intelligent and with gentle wisdom. He is imbued with knack to explain and untie complex issues in a language everybody could understand. He has bedridden the political landscape like a collosus and earning the respect of politicians of all shades.

In his speeches, Atiku does not only exemplify his blessing of the garb but also always illustrates his grasp of the real issues facing the average Nigerian citizen. Atiku combines a vivid imagination with a decisive personality. He is a thoroughbred politician, witty, intelligent, mature and a fine gentleman who has been adequately forged in the furnaces of the entrepreneurial spirit of achieving successes in everything he plops his hands upon, with a great lifestyle that is characterised by forthrightness, honesty of purpose, consistency and hardwork.

It has always been a great delight listening to him. He is adequately fortified with insight on how to achieve a prosperous Nigeria where the common man is the unit of development. He is not a man who will open his mouth to make empty promises, or lost in ethnic politics for the correctness of it or put up religious politics having known the opiate power of religion just to be president as a nominal title and later evade statutory responsibility of delivering real development projects to the masses.

What always sucks me in him is not the lucidity of his phraseology or the stirring story of his rising from nobody to somebody, nor the recount of his success, of course, his life has been very instructive to mankind, it is his inadvertent revelation that he has solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

The time to support the right man fcountry’country’sy leadership is here and it is now. Let’s all support Atiku Abubakar as the next president of Nigeria.

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