Beautiful Image of Lagos  and aquatic splendor Trends 

A Lagos admirer has this to say : Ekiti is my adopted second home by choice and marriage. Another beautiful land of rolling hills and honorable people.
I am not blind to Lagos’ many challenges but all major urban cities  in the world face the same challenges. We will keep working to solve those challenges.
Lagos has soul! I have been to many cities in the world  and each has something that makes it memorable. For me, no place like Lagos. Na Lagos life dey!
It saddens me to hear people disdain Lagos daily on social media. So it’s among the worst cities to live according to subjective reports, why are you still living in it? Won ri ibi e mo be ni?
Please relocate to the other cities that are best to live in and leave our worst city for us oo.
Monkey no fine but him mama love am so!
Good morning to all who love Lagos! All others should go and collect their greeting from the best cities to live in!
Oyinbo, Eko lo wa Oyinbo! :

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