Biography of Late Sheikh Aboto : The First Qur’an Memorizer in Kwara State


 Shaykh Abdul-Ganiy Dhun-Nurayn Aboto(1966-2022)
His Lineage:
He is Al-Hafiz Abdul-Ganiy, son of Dhu-Nurayn, son of Muhammad Jami’, son of Aminullahi Aboto. His mother is Alhaja khayriyyah.
His Birth and Upbringing:
According to a report from Dr. Saheed Ahmad Ibrahim AlKatibiy in an oral interview with the late Shaykh during his lifetime, Shaykh Aboto was born in 1966 in a house well known for knowledge, religion and piety called ILE-BAALE in ABOTO ALFA town, Asa local government area of Kwara state. From an early age, Shaykh Aboto was distinguished among his peers with supernatural memory, as he used to narrate past events which had occurred before his birth as if he was present at the time of the occurrence. This characteristic persisted with him until the time of his death.
His Education and Shaykhs:
He began his academic pursuits in his home town, Aboto Alfa, with Qur’anic learning from his grandfather, Shaykh Muhammad Jami’ Aminullah Al-Abtawiy, who was the head of the town and Imam of its central mosque at the time. He also acquired basic Arabic and Islamic knowledge from Shaykh Ilyas Yahya Al-Abtawiy. Shaykh Aboto later joined ‘Uthman Tijaniya School in Ira, where he obtained his primary certificate. He was finally moved to Ilorin by Shaykh Ismail Adebinwa Mabruk, a graduate of Al-Azhar University. At that time, his relationship began with his Shaykh, teacher and educator, the eminent scholar Shaykh Muhammad Kamalud-deen Habibullah Al-Adabiy (the first Grand Mufti of llorin), as he joined his institute; Ma’had lloriy Ad-Deen Al-Azhariy Li Jama’at Ansarul Islam, where he obtained Arabic primary and secondary certificates between 1983 and 1990. Shaykh Abdullah Sultanul Mufassireen Muhammad Kamaluddeen Al-Adabiy made significant contributions in the life of the late shaykh, and he was at the forefront of those who trained him for perfect Qur’anic recitation as he was one of the first AJANASI who recited the Qur’anic texts to him before he finally moved to Shaykh Muhammad Kamaludeen Al-Adabiy.
His Qur’anic Activities:
Shaykh Abdul-Ganiy Aboto began memorizing the glorious Qur’an from his uncle, who was also a great Qur’an memorizer, Shaykh Muhammad Miqdad Gidado and completed it in 1985 on his own. The late Shaykh participated in a Tajwid Training Course held at the Usman Danfodio University Sokoto in 1990. He also participated in different Qur’anic competitions, starting with the third category: which is memorization of forty hizbs, and the second category: which is memorization of the complete glorious Quran, his participation was in the following states: Oyo 1989, Bauchi 1995, Plateau 1991, Lagos 1992. Katsina 1993, Niger 1994, and Kaduna 1995. Shaykh Aboto later moved to Da’wah and concentrated fully in preaching and educating in the way of Allah. He was one of the first to introduce the Sunnah of Tarawih prayers by leading people in these prayers with recitation of the complete glorious Qur’an during the nights of Ramadan at his preaching center at Taiwo from the year 2000. His Da’wah Movements: The late Shaykh Aboto embraced the Da’wah methods of his Shaykh and educator, Shaykh Muhammad Kamaluddeen, as he was one of his Ajanasi (reciters of the Qur’anic texts to him), which led him to being greatly influenced by his distinguished style. Thus, he began his preaching with the permission of the Shaykh in Ilorin, then he proceeded to move from one city to another, and from one state to another inside and outside Nigeria. The beginning of his preaching was in the Taiwo area in 1995. This activity later turned to a School for Quranic Memorization, Arabic and Islamic studies in the same year.
Establishment of School in the City of Ilorin and Aboto:
Shaykh Aboto firstly established his school at Taiwo area Ilorin in 1995, and the school was later shifted to Aboto due to limited space and the strong desire of the students who preferred the calm atmosphere of Aboto which is suitable for study. Among his great achievements and efforts in the service of religion and humanity is his (Isabat l-Adabiyyah -l-Kamaliyyah Institute for Memorization, Arabic and Islamic Studies) established in 1996 in Aboto-Alfa, in which Muslim children study for free. Another one is Al-Ameen College of Science and Technology, founded in 2008 also in Aboto- Alfa, where many students of science and technology have graduated.
His teaching:
In 1990, Shaykh Aboto was appointed as a teacher at Azzumaratul Adabiyyatul kamaliyyah, Okekere, Ilorin, to teach Interpretation of the Quran and method of memorization of the glorious Quran. The late Shaykh also established a Qur’anic class for students of Arabic and Islamic schools in Singini House in 1992. The class which was held every day after the Asr prayer, and many students of knowledge benefited from it.
Awards Received by Shaykh Aboto:
Shaykh Abdul-Ganiy Aboto received numerous honorary awards, inside and outside Nigeria, in appreciation of his great efforts in serving religion and humanity. Among the most valued and famous awards was the (Medal of the First Quran Memorizer in Kwara State) presented to him by the League of Quran Memorizers of Nigeria, Kwara State Branch in 2013.
His Morals:
Shaykh was distinguished by noble morals, as he was famous among the people for his asceticism. He was a good example in piety, righteousness, humility, generosity, sincerity and kindness. These good morals and attributes drew near to him different groups of his associates in Qur’anic texts recitation. They subsequently became his followers and Ajanasi in his preaching gatherings, such as: Ustadh Zakariya Uthman Gambari, the late Ustadh AbdulHakeem Yusuf, Ustadh Abdullah Jibril Sulaiman Al-Fulani, Ustadh Musa Mustapha Atere and Ustadh Abdul Wahid Jibril Sulaiman Al-Fulani.
His Academic Standing:
Shaykh Abdul-Ganiy Aboto was a multi-talented scholar, brilliant teacher, intellectual historian and eloquent preacher who possessed excellent skills and an unparalleled mastery in public speaking. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge. Rather, he was a Qur’an walking on the earth, as his Shaykh and teacher
testified to this.
His Students:
Shaykh Al-Abtawiy had numerous excellent students in the field of Qur’an memorization, among them are the prominent Hafizh Mas’ud Muhammad Al-Hadi Akorede and his brother Hafiz Ahmad Muhammad Al-Hadi Akorede. Both of them won in the national competition held in Adamawa and also represented Nigeria in the international Qur’anic competition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2000. Others are Hafiz Dr. Saheed Ahmad Katibi, Hafiz Isa Salahudeen, Hafiz Abdulrasheed Al-Waray, Hafiz Muhammad Murtada Yahya Sufyan, Hafiz Isma’il Muhammad Jami’, to mention but a few.
His Death:
Shaykh passed away in a car accident on Friday night, 30th! September, 2022 / 4th Rabi Ul Awwal, 1444 A.H. leaving unforgettable traces in history. He was blessed with two wives and male and female children. Among whom are Quran memorizers.
May Allah have mercy on him and grant him paradise.

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