Bold  Actions Taken Within Two Weeks,Show  Tinubu Means Business- POLAM 

A member of the National Assembly, Prince  Olaide Lateef Muhammed(POLAM) has commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu  for taking  gallant decisions  in the first two into his administration..
Hon. Mohammed who represents Irepo-Oorelope-Olorunsogo Federal Constituency in the Green Chamber posited that  the courage and determination exhibited by Tinubu  was a signal that government is no longer going to be  business as usual.
According to POLAM, with the steps taken so far,Tinubu had sounded a note of warning to all unpatriotic elements and saboteurs within the system to sit well or be ready to sit out .
The Federal Lawmaker argued that the suspension of senior  top  government officials, hitherto considered  “sacred cows ” ,over corruption allegations  by the Tinubu Presidency was an indication that Nigeria can win the war against corruption and economic crimes .
Specifically,,the legislator maintained that the removal of fuel subsidy and suspension of two senior government officials in the Central Bsnk and anti graft Agency was a big relief to the  near-hopless Nigerian masses.
Prince Muhammed said :” President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in just two weeks into his administration had demonstrated strong capacity to clear  the rots in the system .I have never seen such a bold and courageous leader who had hit the ground running with gallant actions .It is not surprising today to see the opposition reviewing the wrong perception it had with Tinubu’s Presidency.
” All actions taken so far by Mr President received wider acceptability by the masses .It shows that Tinubu did not only prepared for this onerous task of getting the system working but had good intentions to follow through.
” Every serious government must be ready to take critical decisions not minding whose ox is gored. Nigerians have gone through needless harrowing experiences due to the activities of some unscrupulous individuals feeding fat on the nation’s common wealth .Relief has come ” The Legislator said .
While calling on stakeholders to rally round Tinubu to achieve the ongoing system cleansing, Hon Mohammed  urged both members of the ruling party and the opposition have renewed their  confidence in the new administration for a better Nigeria stressing that ” Nigeria is in the era of renewed hope indeed”

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