Brain Surgery Bound Ekiti Teenager Seeks Help

15 year- old ,Tunde Musibau, a student of Egirioke High School Iyin Ekiti  has appealed to good spirited Nigerians to assist him carry out brain surgery .
Report says ,the victim fell off the fast moving car  whilst breaking his hands and legs as well while  coming from school on 26th of November 2023
It was learnt that the victim  was rushed to the Ekiti State Teaching Hospital in Ado Ekiti where he was admitted on emergency. Tunde’s condition grew worse as the fall affected a part of his head and also resulted into his hands broken.
The young Tunde at present is not only going through physical pains but the fall has almost affected his brain and a brain surgery is needed else he will be permanently retarded or lose his life completely.
Tunde’s father, Mr Musibau Kareem who was visibly distraught at the time Treasure Newspaper man visited him at the Ekiti State Teaching Hospital, explained that he has exhausted all his resources since the accident occured, thereby finding it very difficult to buy the  prescribed drugs for his own Son to recover from his own pains.
The father maintained further, that Tunde’s condition made him sold his land since he cannot afford to watch his son suffer in pains but now seems the medical bills kept piling up, thereby making it difficult for him to offset.
Musibau said the Oluyin of Iyin Ekiti, Oba Ajakaiye sent him 50 thousand naira as well as Egirioke High School where the boy schooled, also sent some amount of money to them but all has been spent on drugs and tests which were quite expensive.
He maintained that Tunde life has been sustained on oxygen since his admission and he has exhausted all possible means of getting money to pay for the surgery.
Musibau said letters were written to Governor Oyebanji, His wife and even Honorable Israel Adesokan but up till now, he has not received any message from them.
“We went to the office of the first lady to appeal for her help but we were stopped when her aides told us we would never get any help from her”. As for Honorable Israel Adesokan, he told us the window for help has closed for this year”, the tearful father concluded.
Mr. Tunde Musibau, a carpenter said since he sold his land and has spent every Kobo, he finds it difficult to even buy the least of the drugs let alone the money for the brain surgery.
“Tunde was even refered to the Federal Medical Centre, Owo but lack of funds didn’t allow us to move him down for further treatment. I have been going on the streets to beg, sometime people give us 1000 or at most 3000 which we still use on buying of drugs. I can’t bear to look at him in his present condition”.
“I am begging and appealing to Ekiti people and Nigerians at large to help my son, I don’t want him to die. The doctors said if the surgery is not done soonest, we may lose him. I have done everything within my power but his condition is getting worse daily. I don’t want Tunde to die Nigerians should help me save my son”, the tearful father concluded.

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