Breaking ! Aregbesola Opens Can of Worms On Oyetola’s Defeat ,says governor consumed by vengeance 

Former governor Osun State and Minister of Interior ,Ogbeni Rauf Aregebsola  has opened a can of worms on the simmering crises which led to the defeat of the incumbent governor, Gboyega the just concluded Governorship poll.
Aregbesola who had beenfingered for being largely  responsible for the fall of the All Progressives Congress(APC)  in the poll opened up on the protracted internal strife and feud between him and his successor in office, Oyetola.
The Minister in a viral video was seen addressing a crowd of supporters at a town in Osun,where he gave account of the misunderstanding between him and governor and efforts he made to appease the governor.
According to the former governor  alleged that governor Oyetola began the political war of attrition against Aregbesola supporters and ideology immediately he assumed power .
Sensing danger, Aregbesola disclosed that he had to swallowed his ego  and beg the governor not to expose the APC to its political adversaries but all his appeals fell on the governors deaf hears.
Narrating his ordeal with the governor Aregbesola said ” the crisis started shortly after the 2018  governor Oyetola accused me of not wanting him to be governor. When he(Oyetola ) confronted me and said Aregbesola, “you were opposed to my candidature as your successor in office. Because, I dont want to engage him in needless argument ,I replied that ” Mr governor ,even I dont want you to be governor God had made you one already.So,,font let us ho back to that.
“I later beg him and requested  for somr things .One ,I told the governor that, you may not like my face but dont want you to  fight me. And dont allow anybody to come in between us  as we have come a long way .But I know that the governor oniy had a bad impression about me because I gave all I have to support him and our party during the election.
Secondly, I told Mr governor ,dont ever contemplate destroying my legacies .Since we have come a long way in  this journey .Deep inside of me I  knew quite well that I did my best to ensure Oyetola’s emergence as candidate of our party and governor. of Osun.Since he had formed his opinion about me I decided to allow him .
Revealing further details about the feud, the Minister said ” When I discovered that governor Oyetola seemed to be nursing deep seated animosity against me ,I decided to beg him and I did that for two years.
” But ,I am surprised that rather than the governor see reason to embrace peace, he decided to form alliance with those who contested against him(both as aspirant  and candidate) to fight me  .It was at  this point I told God to judge whoever that is at fault on the  matter. ” Aregbesola  said .
Some supporters of governor Oyetola whose phones conversations were traced after the APC defeat also spoke of how they prevail on the governor to make peace with his predecessor but to no avail.
They alleged that the governor allowed himself to be surrounded by sycophants who were  ready to trade the party”s fortunes for personnel gains.
” On my occasions we told the our party leaders to prevail on the governor to make peace with Aregbesola but to our surprise these said they were ready to beg the opposition than to beg Minister, We are all doen now and the governor would nife know who his true friends are ” one of them was quoted as saying .

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