Buhari Completes Gowon’s Project 50 Years After 

The Bonny to Mainland Rivers State bridge finally standing after 50 years. The plan to connect Bonny island to mainland Rivers state was started by Gowon in the 1970s.
Patriot Ata Ikiddeh,a Consultant & Coordinator, President Buhari Legacy Projects said  connection will be done by 3 bridges and a 30 km road in total. The Bodo – Bonny bridge was approved in 2017 by the current president for N120b to be equally funded by both the federal government of Nigeria and Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG). Now the Bridge is finally standing after 50 years.
Bonny Island in rivers state is the home of Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) and other multinational oil companies in Rivers State, Nigeria.
Bonny is a major crude oil exporting gateway for Nigeria. Nigeria’s signature oil brand is named after the island, ‘BONNY LIGHT CRUDE.

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