Delta man  kills  lover  for concealing  Debit Card  

Police in Deta State have probe into  an incident  such led to the death of a middle aged woman in Orhono area of Eku community, Ethiope East local government area of the State.
The dècessed woman was said to be  a casual worker in a farm in another community.
It was learnt that a man and her lover had engaged in a midnight browl  which eventually led to the death if the woman.
One of the locals said the duo had been cohabiting, though not married, for some time now.
“Trouble ensued when the suspect  got home that night, demanded for the woman’s debit card which she refused to part with and a fight ensued between them.
“Some said the man kicked her in the abdomen region and she fell. But others said he used a hard object to hit her and she suddenly collapsed and gave up the ghost immediately, “ one source said.

“Sensing that the woman had passed on we heard the man ran. We are not sure they are married. They have been cohabiting.

She doesn’t have a child for him. But we think she has had children in other relationships. She is not a young girl. She is a woman “.

It was gathered that the two were in good terms before the sad incident on Friday night.

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