Donald Trump Arrested, Booked on Federal Charges in Miami Court for Mishandling Classified Documents; Ex-President Pleads Not Guilty

Donald Trump arrived at a federal courthouse in Miami on June 13, where he was placed under arrest and booked on charges relating to mishandling of classified documents. He was arraigned in front of magistrate judge Jonathan Goodman, according to the New York Times.

Trump did not have to take a mug shot, given that there are many pictures of him that could be used for identification purposes, but he did have to submit digital fingerprints and share his social security number and date of birth during the booking process.

The former president has been accused of trying to hide and lying about classified documents in an indictment that was filed on June 8. Trump formally entered a plea of “not guilty” to special counsel Jack Smith’s 37 charges tied to the documents.

Walt Nauta, who is Trump’s personal aide, was also at the federal court, as he was also accused of lying to investigators and hiding boxes with confidential paperwork. Nauta did not enter a plea but was rather granted an extension until June 27 in order to find local representation.

Alina Habba, a lawyer for Trump, spoke to reporters at the courthouse, explaining why the former president was given different treatment compared to other defendants. “President Trump is in a very unique position where he does not need to be given a mugshot, obviously,” she said. “He’s not a flight risk. He is the leading candidate of the GOP at the moment. He is going through a process that has been coordinated with the Secret Service and it will all be handled seamlessly.”


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