Drug Abuse ,Yahoo Yahoo Lead To Sudden Death- Deputy Speaker warns 

The Deputy Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Hakeem Jamiu, has warned the youths against involvement in criminal activities that can destroy their future and cut short their lives.
Rt. Hon. Jamiu charged the younger generation to be focused on education, building career vocation and skill acquisition which would make them to become responsible citizens and patriotic future leaders.
The political leader encouraged them not to be discouraged by their humble or poor background but keep pursuing their dreams and vision in life noting that they can rise to become presidents, governors, legislators, statesmen, diplomats and captains of industry in the future.
The Deputy Speaker made the remarks at his hometown, Igbemo Ekiti, during a Career Talk he organized for students of public secondary schools in all the six wards in Irepodun/Ifelodun Constituency 2 as part of activities to mark his public declaration for re-election for the House of Assembly constituency seat.
The career talk and constituency engagement with students of secondary schools saw the beneficiaries smiling home with schoolbags, exercise books, among others. It attracted students from Awo, Iropora, Eyio, Esure, Iworoko, Are, Afao, Araromi Obbo, Orun and Igbemo.
The Deputy Speaker explained that although he had been distributing free JAMB forms to students in the constituency since his election in 2019, he believed it was imperative to have an interface with them to give them counsel and motivation to inspire them to live their dreams.
He motivated the students by telling the story of his life from a humble beginning as a son of teachers who endured much suffering and inconveniences to rise to the coveted position he occupies assuring them that they can become grater if they study hard and shun vices like indolence, truancy, drug abuse and internet fraud otherwise known as “yahoo-yahoo.”
He revealed that himself and Governor Biodun Oyebanji, who was his schoolmate at Awo Comprehensive High School, Awo Ekiti had parents who were teachers but rose from humble beginning to be where they are today urging the students to draw inspiration from their story.
Jamiu said he was born in Igbemo Ekiti, community in which he and his younger brother used to fetch water at a stream while growing up and also worked on the farm to augment the low salaries of their parents in a bid to survive but was determined to succeed and make impact.
While decrying involvement of youths including students in internet fraud otherwise known as “yahoo-yahoo” in a bid to get rich by inordinate means, Jamiu warned that such a “dangerous path” could lead to sudden loss of lives of young ones who are seen as leaders of tomorrow.
He emphasized that while money made legitimately would last and be enjoyed, “sudden money realized through dubious and dishonest means brings sudden death.”
The Deputy Speaker who said being born into poverty is not an excuse to resort to fraudulent and devilish means to become rich said he endured a lot of suffering and doing odd jobs while growing up to survive before he attained the enviable position he occupies today.
According to him, he helped his parents to hawk goods after school hours as a pupils, served as a bus conductor and a driver, worked as a labourer, among other menial jobs before securing admission into the University of Lagos where he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.
Jamiu told the students that he later became a teacher in a public secondary school in Ekiti shortly after bagging a Master’s degree adding that he later resigned his appointment as a teacher to set up a private business and a consultancy services which prepared him for politics.
He said: “I was born here in Igbemo, my parents are teachers and they are still alive. You can become great and be a VIP like the Deputy Governor and Mr Governor. I was not born with silver spoon in my mouth. I had a humble beginning, my family house is there behind the market.
“I attended Awo Community High School with Governor Biodun Oyebanji and you can see the positions where God has put us today. You can become something great in life when you are humble, focused, hardworking and work towards achieving your dream and ambition.
“Before you become great, you will overcome challenges and these cannot stop you from getting to where you are going. We did all manners of odd jobs to survive in those days; I was a conductor, driver, a cleaner, a labourer. There were days I went to bed hungry because it was tough.
“Here am I today, you can become greater in life. You can come from the remotest village and still become great in life. It depends on you as an individual. But you must avoid the inordinate craze for sudden wealth by the youths of today because anyone that gets sudden money will die suddenly like yahoo boys are dying suddenly today.
“Don’t get yourself involved in yahoo-yahoo stuff, drug abuse, prostitution and other activities that can ruin your life. Face your studies squarely, assist your parents in their works and businesses and their prayers will assist you to get to the top.”

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