Ekiti Industrialist, Atayero Receives Multiple Honours In US 

Lagos based industrialist and Atayero of Aramoko,Dr Olusegun Aderemi  has been described as “one of Nigeria’s great entrepreneurs and business leaders. He provides jobs and creates prosperity.”
The Mayor of Newark,Ras J.Baraka made the remarks after honouring Aderemi  in the  United  state of America ,USA.
Similarly, Charles Onyejaka councilman with Phillip Kramer, Mayor of the City of Franklin also spoke glowingly about Atayero .
The  Newark Mayor described Atayero as a true representation of   African culture , humanity and tradition
He added that the development would further  strengthen the relationship between the city and the African continent
The Mayor said “with the award of recognition, Aderemi is a citizen of the City of Franklin ,you have access to anything you want –land, investment, partnership opportunities etc, Automatic Sister city relationship, Exchange programs and much more ,include all other things that will benefit your kingdom.”
” He is a role model and inspiration to his nation and the African Diaspora ;and as Mayor of Newark ,I salute HRH OLUSEGUN ADEREMI as he visits Newark today, welcome him to our city, and wish him joy and success for the future .
“Now,Therefore,I,Ras J,Baraka,Mayor The City of Newark, New Jersey do hereby recognizes HRH OLUSEGUN ADEREMI  and I urge all residents ,employees and visitors in the City of Newark to join me in this special tribute to HRH OLUSEGUN ADEREMI.
The Mayor of Franklin and the township council  who congratulated  HRH Aderemi stated: the township of Franklin is proud to welcome him to the city
“HRH Olusegun Aderemi has earned the respect , admiration and high regards of all with whom he comes into contact”.
 In his  acceptance speech, Aderemi  appreciated the Mayor and members of the  council and the entire people of Franklin for the wonderful Honour.
“this confirms that Franklin is a second home of Oduduwa,  who is the progenitor of all the Yoruba race in Africa ,our source is Ile ife
“The representative of the oduduwa which is the  Ooni of ife was here some years ago and luckily  I’m also destined to be here to receive the same honour .
 On behalf of the entire people of Yoruba race , Africa and Nigeria , we  specially say thank you for this ,with the assurance that we are not going to take you for granted ,this is our second home, we are part of you anytime we always come here
“I will take this back home and am sure the entire Yoruba race will appreciate this.
“this is  a good development that will facilitate provision of good water,education and solar system that will tackle challenges bedeviling  our political power ,I have signed the Memorandum of understanding MOU and its going to work for the whole of Africa ,especially Ekiti state and Nigeria as a whole.”

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