Ekiti Roadside Delivery: Hero Nurse Deserves National  Honour – ex rep Daramola 

Former member of the National Assembly, Bimbo Daramola (alias congressman) has admonished those in the position of authority to always identified true heroes in the  society and accord them due recognition and honour .
With specific reference to a recent event in Ekiti State where a Nurse rescued a stranded pregnant woman to a safe delivery,Daramola argued that such honest and brave intervention  by the Nurse deserved to be acknowledged and rewarded by the government.
Daramola,in a statement entitled “Giving Recognition To Those Who Have Truly Earned It. A passionate case for Nurse Oladipo Blessing ” maintained  that such an honest effort deserves a place in our National Honours’ List .
He disclosed that the greatness of nations is not only about presence in the space or build up of armament for warfare but the attention that the nation gives to every citizen regardless of who he or she is.
” I am sure our realities have dimmed our capacity to recognise what and who should be accorded national recognition. To those who have truly earned it.
“Our humanity is numbed ! No wonder we are not outraged anymore,  life is not sacred to us anymore, because we hear and see more deaths so our sensitivity to living is obfuscated by pervasive death in our nation.” the fears in part
Arguing further Daramola said : “In  other climes , NATIONAL AWARDS ARE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO HAVE TRULY EARNED THEM BY REASON OF THEIR DISPLAY OF #RARE #COURAGE, #HUMANITY,  #PROFESSIONALISM, HEROISM, etc but in our nation, we most times stand logic on its head.
“Our national awards are reserved for politicians whose claim to the award is holding political position, and not what they have done most times with the power held in trust, little wonder that national awards do not inspire the younger generations.
“Most often you see national award winners who now find their places in detention for financial inappropriatety among other vices yet they still carry our nations honours
“Honours and Awards  also earn their regard and command respect when the honourees and awardees have done something real and tangible worthy of recognitions.
“We can cite the examples of the HEROES AWARD by CNN, where people who win are celebrated for actions that are worthy and have made impact.
“This is what has informed my advocacy to push the case of HEROISM of a Nurse who innocuously displayed courage , empathy, professionalism and rare humanity with BARE HANDS to deliver a pregnant woman who went into labour by the ROADSIDE,  I mean ROADSIDE in a far flung location called Ijesha Isu Ekiti, in Ekiti State
“It’s most likely that the pregnant woman did not realise that she was going to find herself in that situation, but as the grace of God would have it, NURSE BLESSING OLADIPO showed up and converted the roadside to a delivery room! Deploying her intelligence,  Skill, bravery and motivated to save two innocent lives  by the ROADSIDE with bare hands.
“If she had walked away and turned the other eye, who knows we most likely could have lost two innocent  lives , in an age when the SDGs is also geared to cut down infant and maternal mortality, this woman reflected that under unusual circumstances in her personal capacity” Daramola said .
Recall that a Nurse from heaven rescued a pregnant woman simply identified as Ajayi Queen who delivered of a baby by the road side in Ekiti .
Reports from locals said the woman who could not access hospital facilities due to financial difficulties was pressed for labour .She came out of her residence when pressed for Labour with hope of getting assistance from passersby.
One Nurse Oladipo Blessing, a registered Nurse working at General Hospital Ijesa Isu under Ekiti State government was alerted and rushed down to the scene with some other members of staff and saved the  helpless woman.

2 thoughts on “Ekiti Roadside Delivery: Hero Nurse Deserves National  Honour – ex rep Daramola 

  1. Such a nurse deserves a significant compensation that will encourage others to put more empathy into practice in their daily activities. They hold people’s lives in their hands .
    This very nurse has all the good qualities of being a nurse.
    All c’s
    Communication .
    And lots of quality to talk about.

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