El-Rufai and the Nigeria political machinations: An ex post facto view.

 By Atta R.K [email protected]_
Mal. El-Rufai and his likes, considering the power play in the country, are always the unwanted species in Nigeria politics. This is not to make saint of him as their can never be one in Nigeria politicking but considering the pros and cons, he’s one of the few with records above equilibrium.
El-Rufai belongs to a class of people who are not only readers but speakers exhibiting the inherent boldness of their thought in their speech, those who are actors in their own right. His caliber just like Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Dr (late) Dora Akunyili, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, Dr Okonjo Eweala, are always seen as threats for refusal to join the cabals, the cabals who believed to have held a firm grip on the system to their personal benefits hence, their likes are always radiated with frustration, frame-up and exasperation thwarting their efforts into irrelevance with attempts to finally eased them out of the system for non-compliance.
El-Rufai as a former FCT minister was bold enough to demolish whatever structure belonging to any rank and file in this country but not in compliance with Abuja master plan, had definitely stepped on toes hence, not in good records of the cabals. It’s not a news that the same boldness was in action on his central and pivotal role not only on the emergence of PBAT as the party flag bearer but also on his success at 2023 presidential polls. Nigerians, will never forget the untold hardship Mr Emefiele, former governor of Central Bank unleashed on the citizenry but thwarted by by Supreme Court order as orchestrated by the same El-Rufai and others. We can’t forget how he always granted media chats and press conferences on each other day when the tension on currency re-design was at the zenith.
Scheming out the likes of El-Rufai from this emerging FEC team will not only dent its composition but also be catastrophic inclined in the performance of this administration. El-Rufai, being one of the prominent figures from the North west, epitomizes the strength of the bloc, the bloc that, because of the numbers of votes residing therein, to a large extent, determines the outcome of elections in Nigeria.
I humbly urge the well meaning Nigerians who share the same thought not only in sympathetic distrust to El-Rufai but also in the interest of people craving and yearning for boldness at the helms of affairs in regulating the cabals and, in mentoring thousands of desiring and aspiring youths, to voice out and prevail not only on National Assembly but also on PBAT to let El-Rufai be, grant him necessary support in sailing through the difficulties in Nigeria system.
Let this iconic personality and his likes be sustained in the interest of the public as against the phobia of El-Rufai’s dominance from some axis in this administration.
Act Right Initiatives (A.R.I)

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