Every great musician love to visit Nigeria – UK based Caribbean singer Regine Garnier 

United Kingdom(UK) based Caribbean artiste, Regine Garnier has described  Nigeria as one of the best places in the world where music is promoted and appreciated.

The ace singer who visited Nigeria recently for the first time said it was  a huge and amazing experience.
Regine Garnier who expressed delight that her life time dream of visiting the most populous black nation  in the world was fulfilled also disclosed that she was inspired by the groove and intensity of the Afrobeats movement .
In  her  new single “Without You”  Garnier featured Nigerian artiste, Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, better known as Skales.
According to the singer “Skale is a well-known artiste, his song, Shake Body is a massive project and I like it. I love Afrobeats, African music. When I listen Afrobeats, I just want to dance. There is something special about Afrobeats. I have been working on Afrobeats for years, but now, it’s taking another dimension.”
Garnier also acknowledged  that Nigeria is blessed with many talented  musicians who are making waves around the globe. “I want to share my music with people so that they can also know me as an artiste and Nigeria is a good place to do so,” she added .

“I like Davido, not only because he’s a big star, he is a full package. An artiste must be with people and have people that learn from him, so, I think Davido does it very well; he’s someone who like to share, so, it’s a plus for me. I’ve heard about artistes he has helped and I love that spirit.

“I love Tiwa Savage and I hope to collaborate with her. Tiwa Savage is the African Queen. Yemi Alade is doing well. I have met Yemi Alade and she works very hard, she is very sharp.”

” This is my first time in Nigeria and I am really loving it, having been here for days. Coming to Nigeria is an amazing experience because I have heard so much about Nigeria and Nigerians and it means a lot having a party in Nigeria on July 9, 2022, where Nigerians came to show how much they love music. I know a lot of Nigerian in the UK, but being in Nigeria and partying with Nigerians was a beautiful experience.

On the inspiration behind the song, Garnier said  “Without You is inspired by love. I like to write about love, everything has to be done with love and for me. Sharing is important and the best way to communicate my love is through music; music is my love language.

“Generally, what inspires me is love, because I believe love is a big deal; when you have love, you have everything. Love can’t be bought so it’s everything. Love is giving, so, I am more of a giver; it’s part of me. So, I believe when you have love, you cannot fake it. Love inspires me a lot and it’s all in my song.” Garnier said

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