Forum Seeks Improved Collaboration,Technical Support  For Stakeholders In Public Audit Process

Stakeholders forum have advocated increased collaboration and technical support for  professional  and other nonstate actors in public audit practices.
This was of the recommendations  at the end of two-day Audit Engagement Forum And Accountability Dialogue for Stateholders In Public Audit Process In of Ekiti State .
The programme was organised by  the Office of the Auditor-General for Ekiti State in partnership with theParadigm Leadership  Support Initiative (PLSI) through the support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur
The event held at Fabian Hotel, Ado-Ekiti drawn participants from Office of the StateAuditor General, Public Accounts Committee of the
State House of Assembly, audited agencies of government, civil societyorganizations and the , media,
Also in attendance were some representatives of  persons with disability, community leaders, professional bodies, trade, and labour unions.
The engagement is to promote citizens’ engagement and accelerate sustainable development
Among the Papers presented at the sessions include “Understanding the Role of the State Audit Office in Public  Accountability”, “Understanding the Functions of the Public Accounts Committee”, “Enhancing  Civic and Media Participation in Audit Process of Ekiti State” and “Review of the 2020 and 2021  Reports of the Auditor-General for Ekiti State”.
The discussion at the Audit Engagement Forum focused on stakeholders’ understanding of the roles  and functions of the Auditor-Generalfor the State, Public Accounts Committee and participation of  different civic groups in the audit process as well as the 2022 Subnational Audit Efficacy Index report
on Ekiti State.
 Also, the Accountability Dialogue reviewed in detail all 60audit issues captured in the  2020 and 2021 reports of the Auditor-General for Ekiti State.
The forum stressed the  need for continuous capacity strengthening for all actors in the  public audit action cycle to enhance their knowledge and proficiency to effectively and  efficiently discharge their audit functions.
It also urged the Civic groups, professional bodies and media to  support the  State Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee of the State House of Assembly in tracking  and advancing  advocacy for the implementation of the recommendations and resolutions
on audit issues
This the forum believes would  promote accountability, reduce public sector corruption and accelerate  development in the State.
“Strengthening Participation, Collaboration and Partnership of Civic groups, Professional  Bodies and the Media: The office of the Auditor-General and the Public Accounts Committee  of the Ekiti State House of Assembly should strengthen working relationship with civil  societyorganizations,professional bodies,media groups and other nonstate actors to enhance
public audit practices, promote citizens’ engagement and accelerate sustainable development n Ekiti State.
“The Office of the Auditor-Generalfor State, LocalGovernmentsand the Public Accounts  Committeeof Ekiti State House of Assemblyshould bridge the information gap by  proactively disclosing vital accountability information via theirwebsitesand social media  platforms.
“The Office ofthe AuditorGeneral for Ekiti State should host its website as soon as possible.The Office ofthe AuditorGeneral for Ekiti State shouldwork with thePublicAccounts  Committee(PAC), Ministry of Justice and other relevant agencies to enact a legislation  establishing PAC tribunal for theenforcement ofsanctionsemanatingfrom the resolutions of
the State House of Assemblyon audit issues.” the communique reads .

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