How Fuel Subsidy Ruined Nigerian Economy – Ex Ekiti Guber ,Ayobami 

-Seeks support for Tinubu’s Presidency
Former Governorship Aspirant in Ekiti State,Ayobami Adeyemi has called for better understanding from Nigerians on the circumstamces leading to the removal of Fuel Subsidy .
Ayobami a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress(APC) in a statement made available to journalists said Nigerian economy would have been shutdown completely, if the fraudulent subsidy payment was sustained by current administration.
He called on stakeholders to widen  the scope of their engagement and sensitisation  with Nigerians about  the state of nation’s  economy ,particularly on issues relating to fuel subsidy and its adverse effect .
Ayobami posited the canker-worm called ” subsidy” had eaten deep into fabric of the Nigerian ,stressing some unscrupulous elites had taken advantage of the loophole to pillage the nation’s common wealth.
While commending the courage of President Bola Tinubu for unveiling the truth about Subsidy Removal, he  maintained that Mr President only  acted as a transparent and conscientious leader who  deserved huge support and understanding from Nigerians.
The APC chieftain ,therefore admonished Nigerians to reason beyond the initial pains associated with subsidy removal but viewed it as  potentially capable of reshaping our future and the generations to come .
“Once again, I address the Nigerian youth, our national constituency, to come together and take a stand on the pressing national issues that confront us. We must unite to secure the future of our beloved country.
The fuel subsidy is an alarming issue that demands our immediate attention. It is a destructive force that must be eradicated, eliminated, removed, obliterated, and completely wiped out.
“In his inaugural speech, the President has done us a great service, perhaps the most significant in the past four decades. It is imperative that we rally around him, providing our unwavering support to ensure that this malevolent phenomenon does not resurface.
“For those who may be unclear about the subsidy removal, allow me to explain plainly: the current price set by petrol sellers stands at approximately N540 per litre. The government has been paying N350 per litre, hence the retail price of around N190. ” The statement reads in part.
“However, the same individuals benefiting from the subsidy take the fuel to neighbouring countries and sell it for about N650, thereby causing scarcity within our own borders. Consider this: the government pays N350 multiplied by 100,000,000, resulting in a staggering daily expense of N35 billion. The government has now removed the subsidy because, apart from being financially unsustainable, it only benefits a select few and drains our already limited national resources.
“We must come forward, raise our voices, and educate our communities about the significance of subsidy removal. You may wonder how it will affect us. Indeed, it will, but it also holds the potential to reshape our future and that of the generations to come.” Ayobami  reiterated.
Speaking further, Ayobami  said “while the communication surrounding this decision and its subsequent effects have been met with criticism, a closer examination reveals that the President is not responsible for the subsidy removal. He has merely exposed the true state of affairs to his fellow Nigerians, acting as a transparent and conscientious leader, urging us all to address the elephant in the room together.”
“Therefore, as a representative of the Nigerian youth constituency, I call for understanding, patience, and support for Mr. President as he guides us through this challenging period. Let us not forget to offer our prayers for both Mr. President and Nigeria.
“Lastly, I implore my fellow Nigerians, especially those in the active age group, to think beyond conventional boundaries and bring forth their best efforts to assist this new administration. Mr. President has pledged to involve us in this administration, so let us rise to the occasion and meet the government halfway. Utilise your skills, ideas, vocations, and crafts to contribute to our nation, Nigeria, rather than solely relying on what the country can do for you.” He added

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