How I was attacked by NSCDC Operative in Ekiti – Yinka Ayefele 

Ace Gospel singer and  founder of Fresh FM Nigeria has alleged physical attack by a certain operative of the  Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)  in a community in Ekiti .
Confirming  the attack,the  founder of Fresh FM Nigeria said, “I was moving out in my car after entertaining guest,  the officer suddenly dipped his hand into my car to take my money but I resisted him and told him what he did is very wrong.
“That was how he gave me a punch on my mouth, I had cut on my lips and blood started gushing out. When I call my security detail to hold him he stood at the front of my car corking his riffle and threatening to shoot me.
“At that point, his colleagues came and I explained what he did to them. Why trying to shield him, they said why am I fighting them, that I am a public figure and I  don’t want to give them something? I said if didn’t want to give him something, I wouldn’t have stopped, wind down my car. I have settled the area boys and others. I wept profusely, because they did this to me because I am physically challenged.
“They later brought the guy who came to collect money for the area boys said to have been beaten while trying to take the money away, telling me to see how he was beaten and attacked him with sharp objects just to frame me up but  I have put my lawyer in the know”.
Ayefele said top NSCDC officer whom he reported the case to said the officers told him they were protecting him (Ayefele).

Meanwhile some residents have condemned the physical assault on a popular singer

An  eyewitnesse who spoke under condition of anonymity  said, ” The incident occurred in Iloro Ekiti, where he (Ayefele) came to entertain guests at an event.  The officer had made an attempt to take money from his car but when Ayefele resisted him, he thereafter punched the singer in the mouth.
“When the singer called his security detail to stop him he also threatened to him before the Intervention of his colleagues.
“This assault on the highly respected music producer is condemnable, the matter should be investigated and the justice served”.

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