I believe in Islamic Principle of Tawhid – Reno Omokri 

Reno Omokri,  Pastorb and former aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan writes
Even as a follower of Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ), I completely and totally believe in the Islamic principle of Tawhid, which simply means that there is only One God, and He does not have an equal, or a partner, or any compartment in Him that is also God!
In fact, the Islamic term Tawhid is exactly the same word used in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity to define God’s Oneness, Tewahedo (meaning one united). Since Ethiopians have been using that word for over 2000 years, it is likely they influenced the early Muslims during the first Hijra to Abyssinia.
Many Islamic principles are more in keeping with the pure teachings of Yeshua, than that imported into Africa, and other colonised places, by Europeans. Pure Christ follower-ship has more in common with Islam than with the contraption the colonialists introduced to Africa. Whether what they introduced can still be called Christianity is another matter.
The basic difference between pure Christ follower-ship and Islam is that Orthodox Christians believe that Yeshua is a Prophet and Son of God, who resurrected after death, while Islam believes He is a Prophet and Kalimatullah (the Word of God), but He is not a begotten Son of God as God has no begotten offspring, from their perspective. They also dispute His resurrection.
But they agree with almost every other thing orthodox Christians believe, including the Second Coming of Yeshua, and the concept of heaven or paradise (al jannah firdaus) and hell (jahannam), as well as in a literal satan (shaitan).
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