Ibadan born Fuji Meastro, Merengeking Celebrates Birthday  In Style 

Popular Ibadam born  fuji star ,Alhaji Rasheed Ayinde Adekunle(alias merengeking) has celebrated his  birthday.
The 59 year- old musician while tracing  his journey to stardom said it was full of ups and downs.
In his message titled “THE JOURNEY SO FAR” ,Alhaji Adekunle said “the  journey of a thousand miles begins with a step…
Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you alot about your destinations.
The journey is never ending,there’s always going to be growth,improvement and adversity and you must take it all in and do what is right, continue to grow ,continue to live in the moment .
Success is a journey not a destinations and the doing is more important than the outcome. Never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult and painful your journey is.
It’s not by magic,neither by voodoo ,aim for the sky but move slowly,enjoy every steps along the way, it is all those little steps that makes the journey complete.
Believe me ,my journey hasn’t been a simple journey of progress,there have been many ups and downs,and it is the choices that I made each of those times the shaped what i have achieved ..
Happy to me and my twin brother as we’re celebrating 59th birthday on the earth surface.
It is not by our might neither our power but his grace.

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