Janet Jackson’s weird Marriage Deal With Qatar Billionaire 

Janet Jackson married a Qatar billionaire in 2012. There were two clauses in the prenuptial agreement:
She would get 100 million dollars if the marriage lasted at least 5 years.
She would get 100 million dollars if she gave the tycoon an heir.
In 2016 at age 49 she got pregnant. She gave birth in 2017, the year they completed 5 years of marriage.The same year she filed for divorce and received $200 million from the tycoon.
Janet Jackson had split from her third husband, Wissam Al Mana, all signs pointed to the most profitable divorce ever. After all, Al Mana is primarily known for his Qatari dough.
The  businessman runs the Al Mana Group, which was founded by his late father and specializes in luxury goods, fashion, watches and jewelry. Al Mana’s humble little family business oversees retail operations in the Middle East for luxury brands like Armani and Hermes.
The Al Mana group is responsible for opening the first NBA stores in the Middle East, and boasts a sub-company that owns every single McDonald’s franchise in Qatar.
That handbag-NBA-McNuggets money is no joke: Wissam’s net worth clocks in at an estimated $1 billion. In contrast, Jackson’s $174 million valuation probably seems like pocket dirhams to her new Qatari family.

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