Just in : Bimbo  Daramola Meets Stakeholders Over Planned Return To APC 

Former member of the National Assembly, Hon Bimbo Daramola (alias congressman) met some leaders of the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) in Ekiti State preparatory to his return to the party.
Daramola,a former staunch member of the APC left the party in the build up to the 2023 General election following  some disagreements and unresolved differences with  the party handlers at some point
The former legislator may have been impressed by the inspiring leadership style of  his bosom  friend and governor of Ekiti State  Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji
He said “Yesterday I met with some of the Stakeholders in the APC in Ekiti State, starting with Baa’Atiba, Oloye Giga , Chief Jide Awe, Chairman Emeritus , he led us through the gruelling days when adversity was our meal as progressives , he was our commander who led from the front, from ACD, to AC , then ACN and later APC.
“If anyone is a human repository of the APC journey , Chief Jide Awe is.
“These were days that the people , so styled as progressives needed pillars, politics of those ages was nasty, brutish and dreary, not like the faaji of being ruling party of today,
“Back then  you will be of a sterner stuff and streak to be in it, death stalked our lives on daily basis but some of us stood and looked at death in the face at different times, our lives permanently in tango with pernicious agents of evil, all in the pursuit of a better society and lives for all.
“Undeterred and undaunted, we stood by and with our beliefs and bolstered by our conviction to the glory of we survived it.
“I met with select Stakeholders in my town ,Ire Ekiti , preparatory to reuniting for the good of our people,  and a lot of credit must be given to the Governor  of Ekiti State, my brother and friend of decades, ever before politics, someone who also knew and saw all that has happened,  His Excellency,  the signature of omoluabi, H.E Abiodun Oyebanji , it takes a lot to know all that you know and to have carried what you know , and managed it, well I am sure this new step must bring you some relief too.
“Mr Governor,  its the hallmark of leadership to be a pivot of reconciliation and restoration, leadership is not just brick and mortar [ any barger can do that, well some wont] but you have chosen to be different, thank you Sir!  Sarkin Goma Zammane Gomma, Oba to je nigba taye roju, oruko  e o ni pare , eyi to je nigba ti ilu tu, oruko e na o ni pare.
“I must also put on record the unending persuasions and overwhelming influence and roles of my leader and Egbon , the leader of the Nigerian Senate , Distinguished Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, CON.
“I want to acknowledge the  specially  the very amiable warmth, receptive and kind warmth as extended to me by  the State Chairman of APC Ekiti State, Barrister Paul Omotosho,  Olori Egbe,  Our leader the Chairman APC , Ondo State, my Egbon Hon. Adetimehin , thank you for all that you have done and our Chairman  in Oye Local Government, Oga Oloye ,Chairman, Excos and leaders of Ire Ekiti  Wards 1 and 2  for your warm reception yesterday and your glowing recollections of my humble contributions to the party and people  all through my days over the past almost 17 years, lastly to the  Egun nla,  Baa’Atiba Oloye Giga Jide Awe, my profound  “Daramola said .

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