Just in! Presidential Poll  Results Show Where Power Resides In Nigeria – Reno Omokri  tells Christians 


Reno Omokri, aide to former  President  Goodluck Jonathan has admonished Nigerian Christians to draw a big lesson from the outcome of the last Saturday’s Presidential poll .
Omokri a social activist also urged his fellow faith people to look at the results, warning them never to vote along religion line in future elections in the country as, according to him, it will not work.

The fiery pastor cum social media influencer said  the voting pattern this last exercise has unveiled where the power resides in Nigeria.

Omokri while reviewing  the poll results said  “The Islamic vote was divided three  ways amongst Atiku, Tinubu and Kwankwaso. The Christian vote was united behind Obi. Yet, look at the result! No matter the provocation, Christians must NEVER allow future elections be about religion. It won’t serve us well! We are in the heat of the moment and people are not yet thinking calmly.

“When you say those obvious truths, some of the very people who would benefit are the first to insult you with the vilest abuse. But no matter how we sugarcoat it, this election says a lot about the power of the Christian bloc vote.

“Oya, insult me. The people that don’t know how to insult know how to vote and we are seeing their power,” Omokri  said.

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