Just in : Tinubu Arrives France For Global Summit 

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu arrives France, ahead of the Global Financing Pact Summit convened by President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.
He was received by both French and Nigerian officials.
The  Summit on New Global Financing Pact, will be hosted by President Emmanuel Macron.
President Tinubu was received at the airport by Ambassador Kayode Laro and other top government officials from the Nigerian Embassy and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after the plane touched down at 6.47pm local time.
President Tinubu will receive detailed briefs on Wednesday from Ambassador Laro, Permanent Secretary Adamu Lamuwa, and other officials on Nigeria’s position on the Summit, and the scheduled sideline meetings with leaders and multilateral institutions.
The President will participate in a two-day Summit, June 22nd and 23rd, that looks at opportunities to restore fiscal space to countries that face difficult short-term financial challenges, especially the most indebted,  mobilize innovative financing for countries vulnerable to climate change and economies struggling with the  effects of Covid-19 and energy crisis.
Dele Alake
Special Adviser to the President
Special Duties, Communication and Strategy

2 thoughts on “Just in : Tinubu Arrives France For Global Summit 

  1. isn’t it true that one will feel a sigh of satisfaction if your investment is worthwhile?
    So is the same the way mist people that voted president Tinubu is feeling Noe,I do one have a deep feeling of such.
    I did really invested into his campaign,my proof is in Nigeria info.here I ran a radio program called Batified Hangout.,for it isn’t a lost is a satisfaction.
    He’s making me proud.
    So many friends left me behind,even to the extent of keeping malice.
    All are in the past now because he won,not only that he won but also impressive in this short time.
    Govenrnace is a skill set,and he has it in abundance.
    May God give him grace and strength to lead us towards achieving the Renewed Hope for our dear country.
    For best Mr President.

  2. Am so glad that President Tinubu is not doing less of my expectations,he’s been doing very great in this short span of his advent. And also that most friends of mine at the other sides of the camp who had mocked me at the beginning are now falling on line that I had chosen right,and most are sincerely regretting not to have done the same,I mean voted him.
    Nigeria is experiencing a new era,it’s truly a renewed hope.
    God Bless Mr President,and give him strength and vigor to take us to the promise land.
    A pace setter you are.
    Do enjoy a fruitful outing,my president Sir.

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