Kwara 2023: PDP Candidate  tackles Governor Over alleged huge state’s debt profile 

Alhaji  Abdullahi Shuaibu Yaman the Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)  in Kwara State has accused governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazak of feeding the public lies with regards to the true state of affairs of his administration.
He said  the latest  Radio speech/broadcast is merely a rehearsal of earlier jejune allegations, accusations and counter – accusations by the governor since inception of office”
The PDP chieftain  said that ” the statement alleged, “Kwara debt servicing is around N1.3bn from between N610m and N620m during the immediate past administration.”
Yaman,in a statement issued by his special adviser on media and strategy, Wahab Oba challenged  the governor to  explain to Kwarans  how and why the state  allegedly got enmeshed in such a terrible financial predicament without commensurate infrastructure development.
He challenged the Governor to speak to Kwarans in live Radio and Television broadcasts as was done by his predecessors rather than wasting the state resources on his media agents.
“This is the only way the people can truly engage their governor and test his honesty and transparency”, Yaman said.
According  to the PDP candidate  the presentation of Governor AbdulRaham to his so-called “online publishers” is full of theories, hypotheses and rhetorics rather than verifiable facts.
According to the statement “three years down the line, Governor AbdulRaham is still repeating the same empty promises he made to Kwarans during his electioneering campaign”.
“Since inception, the governor has not succeeded in attracting any company or industry to the state, yet he keeps making unfulfilled, unspecific and timeless promises.
“Any promise without timelines is vague and cannot be taken seriously”, Yaman said.
Meanwhile, Alh. Yaman has also challenged Gov AbdulRaham to tell kwarans why Harmony Holdings, with a valuation of over N25b, has remained in the hands of a sole administrator?
“Who are the board members of Harmony Holdings? When Iast was the company audited by the state’s Auditor-General and where is the audited report of the company, even after 2019?”, Yaman asked.
“Was it not the same Harmony Holdings that was alleged to have been owned by an individual during the 2019 electioneering campaigns? So, when was it discovered to be the property of the state? And when would the government apologise for the deceitful allegations?”, Yaman asked.
Yaman said further that if the AbdulRahman administration was elected to rectify the perceived wrongdoings of the past,  ” why has it been unable to turn around Harmony Holdings, Aviation College, Computer Hub and other alleged ailing sectors of the state, if it truly has the competence to do so”.

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