Lagos’ Economic  Prosperity  Begins  With BAT’s Administration says Fashola 

Minister of Works ,Babstunde  Raji-Fashola has said that the story of new Lagos and its economic prosperity cannot perfectly told without acknowledging the efforts and imput of former governor of Lagos State and  All Progressives Congress(APC) ,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT).
Fashola also two-term governor of Lagos  said “IGR was N600m monthly in Lagos when Tinubu took over, so we engaged consultants with the agreement to spread the net to evaders. We agree to pay them commission on any new revenue brought in but nothing on the already existing N600m.
Within few years, LAGOS IGR grew to N8b monthly. When Tinubu left and I came in, I cancelled the agreement and said henceforth commission will only be paid on any new revenue brought in and Nothing will be paid on the N8b I inherited from my predecessor and i reduced the commission  further. That was how our monthly IGR got to N20b and today, it is over N50b monthly……so when Economic illiterates talk about Lagos economy, I simply laugh at their naivety and lack of ideas……” Fashola explained.

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