Lagos REC alleges threat to life over poll 


Olusegun Agbaje, Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Lagos has raised the alarm over an alleged plot by certain political forces to take his life .
The INEC Senior officer who did not give  the details of those behind the plot however said no amount of intimidation by individual or group would sway him to compromise.
Speaking at the Lagos State collation centre for the governorship and House of Assembly elections, Agbaje said ,that as a Christian, he was guided by his conscience and not threats in carrying out his functions at INEC.He absolved the commission of any wrongdoing in the election from the presidential and National Assembly exercise that took place on February 25 to the governorship and Houses of Assembly edition on March 18, while thanking all those who had helped in bringing them to successful completion.

“Those who are threatening me with death, it’s not possible. I pray everyday. I’m a Christian. I’m not only a Christian, I’m an Anglican to the core. So, I pray everyday that I shall not die but live to spread the word of the Lord in the land of the living and to the shame of the devil.

“So, no harm can come near me. I want you to believe that those who are threatening me with death, I don’t fear that. I worked in the DSS for thirty-something years and nobody threatened me with death. So I come and work in INEC and somebody is threatening me.

“Death will come when it will come. I don’t fear death, because I’ve not done anything to deserve to die. God knows when I’ll die. I’m not afraid to die at any time. So, having said that today, we’re here again. At the various constituency level, they’ve been declaring results of who won the various House of Assembly results. What we’re here to do today is to collate and declare the governorship results.

“It is not the REC that is going to do the job. It has been contracted out by the commission so as to insulate the REC from all these kinds of accusations.

“And to handle the matter today is our revered Vice Chancellor. I want all of us to listen attentively to the various collation officers from the local government areas. As they give us their figures with the results, we’ll display it and everybody will see it. Nigerians both within the country and outside the country can also observe the process.

“So, once again, on behalf of the commission, I want to welcome you to this event and I want you to follow it as it goes. I want to thank the media for the role you’ve been playing since this exercise started. Some of you slept her and some of you have been around in the various corners of this area, just to keep your various viewers abreast of the news. I do hope that at the end of it all, God’s name will be blessed for what the commission has done in Lagos State.”

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