Latest : Police identifies man whose skeleton found on bed in Ibadan 

Police have identified the man  whose skeleton was recently  discovered In his three bedroom flat in Idi Orogbo Apete IBADAN as John Aderemi ABIOLA,
His Ibadan family members said that he last visited them  in 2018 and they could not contact him since then. They thought he was always coming from Port Harcourt.
The  police appeared to have all the info. They will trace his Port Harcourt building and wife. He appeared to have two children. Her daughter is in USA. He got a Visa to visit her after Odun Ileya in 2018, then the man died and the daughter apparently could not trace him.
He was a comfortable engineer. The carpenter always heard him talking to his daughter in USA. the carpenter also knew that he visited his mum monthly in Agugu area with money and supplies. He never took the carpenter along. The carpenter said he told him he had HBP, he also feared dust and smoke.
 The mechanic helped him to buy his car. He told the carpenter that he had a block of 4 flats in PH. That he separated from his Igbo wife and she sent him packing from his building in PH. Police must recover the building. The daughter should be traced through the Visa. She knew what happened between her parents  !!!
His phone, his TV,  his laptop,  his Coartem medicine, his herbal tea packet, were all intact covered with dust. He was apparently treating malaria fever.

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