Marriage Is a Serious Business, Woman Can Propose To Man- -Aisha Yesufu 

Aisha  Yesufu, a Nigerian activist and businesswoman has urged her women folks to take their destinies in their hands on issues relating to marriage seriously.
The co-founder of Bringback Ourgirls  argued that many women of marriage able  ages are still laying fallow due what a self imposed rule .
According to her , there was nothing wrong  for a woman to walk up to a man she admires and tell ” I want to marry you “
“Go there and ‘toast’ him yourself. A woman can propose to a man and tell him I want to marry you. Go there and ask him yourself. People sit down clocking 30, 40, and going over 50 while waiting for a man to come and ask them out. How? Even if you are older than him, it won’t spoil anything because marriage is a serious business so you shouldn’t be waiting for “anyone that calls me.” the woman activists said .

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