Meet Da Bigwiz : Nigerian Artist With Mesmerising Dancing Skills 


Eugene Doosunghun Bulaun, better known as Da Bigwiz, is a multi talented Nigerian artist  with exemplary dancing skills.
The Benue State born artist had  carved a niche for himself in the music industry by successfully combined Blending Afrobeat and  hip-hop with  electrifying dancehall influences.
The ace artist  has crafted a musical palette that resonates universally. His infectious beats, memorable melodies, and relatable lyrics have cultivated a devoted fan base, extending his influence beyond Nigeria’s borders.
While making great exploits in the music scene ,Da Bigwiz did not allow his education career to suffer as he has enrolled in an academic institution in Kampala, Uganda. Thus expanding his musical horizons while staying connected to his Nigerian heritage, which consistently fuels his artistic expressions.

From an early age, Da Bigwiz exhibited an innate passion for both music and dance, fostering his talents through active participation in local talent shows and cultural events. His exceptional dedication and skillset garnered the attention of industry insiders, propelling him to prominence in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene.

In addition to his musical prowess, Da Bigwiz is recognized for his mesmerizing dance abilities. His high-octane routines infuse dynamism into his performances, captivating audiences with his onstage finesse.

Da Bigwiz’s career trajectory is marked by steady ascent, underscored by notable achievements. His track “Turn Around” has amassed substantial views on YouTube, solidifying his status as an emerging star.

The eagerly anticipated release “Criminal,” accompanied by a captivating music video on YouTube, amplifies expectations for his future impact on the industry.

Each project Da Bigwiz undertakes pushes artistic boundaries, underscoring his determination to explore new musical realms. His dedication, unwavering passion, and magnetic energy position him as a foremost figure in Nigeria’s music landscape.

As Da Bigwiz’s journey continues to unfold, fans can anticipate the evolution of an artist who consistently produces music resonating with global audiences. With his infectious zeal, remarkable talent, and unyielding commitment to music, Da Bigwiz is poised for an enduring and triumphant career in Nigeria’s music sphere.

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