Motorists Groan Under Alleged Heavy Taxes, Fines  In Ekiti 

Motorists have urged governor  Biodun Oyebanji  to prevail on  management of the Ekiti State Internal Revenue Service (EIRS), led by the Executive Chairman, Mr Olaniran Olatona over alleged imposition of heavy and outrageous fines on them
They alleged that as high as N83 000 fine is being imposed on them as fine inspite  of the current   harsh  economic realities.
Also affected were traders who alleged  arbitrary sealing off of their means of livelihood by the chairman in the name of making money for government.
A cross section of motorists alleged that the management of the service forcefully collected the sum of  eighty three thousand naira from them as fine for failure to renew their vehicle particulars.
According to them, it’s an act of wickedness for the chairman to impose a fine of eighty three thousand naira as penalty for the renewal of vehicle particulars which is less than twenty five thousand naira.
One of the motorists said:”This is absolute wickedness, how can you impose #83,000 fine on a struggling driver in this harsh economy? This man must be called to order, he is trying to set the people against the Governor.
“Everything is not money, where is his sense of empathy and understanding, we are still battling with the fuel subsidy removal, now this evil policy and illegal fine.
“This same man has been closing people’s shop up and down, collecting outrageous money from them, we are not against government making money but it should be done with  modesty.
A woman  wept profusely as she lamented the effect of the fine on her family.
She said”I had to go and borrow from different places when they impounded my car, I am a widow, I am still struggling to source for my children’s school fees but see what this man has caused me now.
“I am pained to the bone marrow, this man’s action is against the person and programmes of Governor Oyebanji, our Governor is known for giving succour to the people and not complicating their situation.
“The Governor must act fast and remove this man, he is up to something, his plan is to set the people against the Governor and he must not be allowed.
Chairman, Ekiti State Internal  Revenue Service, Mr Olaniran Olatona confirmed that the service was actually charging eighty three thousand naira before any impounded vehicle could be released.
He explained that the service ran jingles on radio, wrote letters to Pastors, Imams and published stories last week informing all Ekiti residents that they should make sure their vehicles particulars are correct and up to date, because any one  apprehended and their  vehicle was impounded for any reason,  will need to show evidence of tax payment, which is tax clearance certificate before the  vehicle will be released.
According to him, If those vehicle owners  have been paying their taxes, what they need to do is to show us evidence of their tax payment and then we will let their vehicles go but where they don’t have that one, they will have to pay because many people are evading taxes.
“It’s a presumptive tax. If you bring your tax payment, it  will be evaluated and if we are to assess them correctly, some of them could pay N500,000 but we will calculate the average taxes he should have paid for three years.

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