MURIC ,Alaroye On War Path Over Alleged Inciting Publication Against Akintola 



The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has threatened to drag the publisher of the Yoruba weekly Magazine “Alaroye” to court over an alleged inciting publication against its Director General, Professor Ishaq Akintola

The  Muslim organisation  accused Alaroye of portraying Professor Akintola as a pro-Fulani activist in one of its editions

The  chairman of the Oyo State Chapter of MURIC, Dr. Nurudeen Oloso,  in a statement said Alaroye in the publication also insinuated that “Akintola is a traitor among the Yoruba. It said Akintola is using his MURIC to promote Fulani aggression against the Yoruba people.”

Oloso, therefore warned that the publishers of Alaroye will be held responsible if anything happens to Professor Akintola. Me

Dr. Nurudeen Oloso said the  article incited the Yoruba public against the director of MURIC, Professor Ishaq Akintola, as well as the organisation. Dr. Oloso therefore warned that nothing must happen to either Akintola, his family, the organisation’s office, its staff and any of its officials

He said: “The Yoruba language weekly tabloid, Alaroye, in this week’s publication incited the Yoruba public against our director, Professor Ishaq Akintola and our organisation, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).

“Alaroye magazine on page five of its weekly column ‘O Soju Mi Koro’ portrayed Professor Akintola as the harbinger of Fulani herders into Yorubaland.

“We see the publication as highly damaging, defamatory and injurious. The 36 State Chairmen Forum of MURIC deliberated on the Alaroye publication yesterday, Friday, 12th August. 2022. Apart from referring the publication to MURIC’s legal department, the Chairmen Forum decided to warn Alaroye to desist from such malicious publication against MURIC and its director henceforth or face legal action.

“The Chairmen Forum also warned that the publishers of Alaroye will be held responsible if anything happens to Professor Akintola. Meanwhile the Forum also considered the publication potent enough for physical attacks on our director. It therefore decided to refer the offensive publication to the security agencies for appropriate action.

“But that is not all, Alaroye may still hear from our lawyers,” the statement concluded.

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