Muslim Ummah mourns as International Scholar Yusuf Al-Qorodowiy dies @ 94 


The global Muslim community has continued to mourn the demise of the world acclaimed Islamic scholar ,Yusuf Al-Qorodowiy who passed on stv the age of 94.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi was an Egyptian Islamic scholar based in Doha, Qatar, and chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. His influences included Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn Qayyim, Sayyid Rashid Rida, Hassan al-Banna, Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi, Abul A’la Maududi and Naeem Siddiqui.
Born: 9 September 1926, Saft Turab, Egypt
Died: 26 September 2022, Doha, Qatar
Education: Al-Azhar University (1944–1958)
Spouse: Aisha Al Mfnn (m. 2012), Esaad Abdel Gawad (m. 1958–2012)
Children: Ilham Yousef Al-Qaradawi, Abdul Rahman Yusuf

Adejare Ibrahim wrotes sometimes ago about Shaykh Yusuf Qaradawi and I will like to share it as the erudite scholar is no more.

I was inspired by the book he just published not long ago titled “Fiqhus salat” at age 96. May Allah forgives all his shortcomings.

Professor Yusuf Al-Qorodowiy: An Epitome of Knowledge and Wisdom- Adejare Ibrahim

Any scholar in the field of Islamic and temporal knowledge that does not know Prof (Sheikh) Yusuf Al-Qorodowiy has more to learn. Sheikh Qorodowiy is an Egyptian, who presently lives in Qatar.

Any aspect of knowledge, both secular and religious, that Sheikh Yusuf Qorodowiy does not have an inkling of is not knowledge. Ask him anything, he will tell you.

He will tell you about religions, philosophy, politics, international diplomacy, economics, art and culture, science and technology, sports, industrial revolution, astronomy, history, globalization, biotechnology, genetics etc.

He is a mobile encyclopaedia and a repository of knowledge. He has a magnetic brain that can memorise anything. Beyond reading voluminous books, Sheikh Yusuf Qorodowiy memorises them. He has committed a lot of voluminous books into memory.

He memorised the whole Quran at the age of 10. He has memorised the six orthodox books of prophetic traditions (Kutubu Sitta), Muwatta of Imam Malik, Kitabul Umm of Imam Shafii, Musnad of Imam Ahmad that contains about 30 thousand ahaadith, Fathul Baariy of Al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar (exegesis of Sohih Bukhari), Riyadu-Soliheen of Imam Nawawiy and others.

I have read and listened to Sheikh on so many occasions. He spoke fluently on cloning, surrogacy, artificial insemination, invitro fertilisation, artificial intelligence and ergonomics. I was shocked that an old man could acquire such enormous knowledge.

Yusuf Qorodowiy is a seasoned scholar in both pristine and contemporary knowledge. What resides in Yusuf Al-Qorodowiy’s brain is enough to serve the whole world. I am telling you! Isn’t it amazing that Yusuf Qorodowiy attained the ripe age of 94 yesterday, and he is still healthy and strong!

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