News alert!   Security Foils  Attempt  By Agitators To Overrun Radio Nigeria 

There was pandemonium in Ibadan today as pirates youths plotted to overrun  the Radio Nigeria Amuludun 99.1 FM

According to certain to a source , the radio station was taken over around 6 am on Sunday.

The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) is the owner of the community radio station Amuludun FM.

The suspects broke into the station using a variety of charms, a station employee .

“That is what we witnessed this morning. They hijacked the station around 6 am. But they had been at the station before that time.

“They came with various forms of charms. They woke our staff, who were sleeping. Some of our staff have fled. We are yet to see some of our staff. But the security [personnel] are on ground now,” he said.

Another source said that the station has gone off the air.

The General Manager of the station, Mr. Stephen Agbaje, confirmed the development to Daily Post but stressed that the situation has been brought under control by the security agencies.He added that some arrests have been made.

“Some group of agitators came around in the night, and took over the station, but the situation has been brought under control by the security agents. They were able to recover the station, and some arrests have been made,” he said.

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